Proposed Name Change for God

What's in a name? Well, according to a Roman Catholic bishop in the Netherlands, not much.

Outgoing Bishop Tiny Muskens has proposed that God should be called "Allah," because "what does God care what we call him?"

The Catholic community is in an uproar over the controversial name change; Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, says the new name would reinforce the fact that Muslims, Christians and Jews all worship the same God.

However, FOX Religion Analyst Father Jonathan Morris says Musken's intentions are good but his theology needs a little fine tuning. "Words and names mean things ... referring to God as Allah means something," he said. READ MORE

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Here's what some FOX Fans are saying:

“Is this a trick question? I think those who believe in God or Gods, should refer to their deity as they see fit.” — Dick (Marriottsville, MD)

“ Allah and God are not one and the same. This is the not-too-well disguised attempt to conform the world to one religion. Next thing you know, they'll try to say God wants us to throw away our Bibles.” — Christine

“I have personally had it with the religion of peace. This is a real joke.” — Bruce (Las Vegas, NV)

“No, Christians and Jews should just keep referring to God as God and the Muslims can keep calling Him Allah.” — Bob

“Why should all the other religions change to what one religion uses. Maybe if the Islamic people want to ease tensions they should refer to Allah as God. I bet that will never happen.” — Marlin

“You have to be kidding!” — Walter (La Vernia, TX)

“What next? Allah is not a living God, but a moon god of myth. Our God is a living one. Jehovah the father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I could never call them Allah. That's an insult to my heavenly Father. No comparison.” — Virginia ( Young Harris, GA)

“Absolutely not! In the Christian Bible, God has never referred to Himself as Allah. For Christians, the Bible is inspired, not the Quran. Allah does not remotely resemble the God of the Bible, and to imply otherwise is either to be uninformed or dishonest.” — Lorraine

“Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it. You would think that the Europeans more than anyone else would understand that appeasement never works with a dictator or a theocracy. In their eyes it is just a sign of weakness.” — J.E. (Morehead, KY)

“Who is this man to say that ‘we all worship the same God’? I do not worship Allah. There are many gods that people worship but only one true God and that is Jesus Christ. I think that I and many other Christians would die before we are made to worship Allah or even call our God Allah.” — Dan (Brentwood, TN)

“It's too bad I have to label this as idiotic! There is nothing more to add.” — Tom (Apple Valley, CA)

“The idea that the God of Christianity and the god of Islam are the same is preposterous. The God of Christendom is consistent and the god of Islam is inconsistent. This is not my opinion, but the way the two books of each faith portray the two. I would agree with Father Morris on this point completely. Musken's theology is not that of Christendom.” — Joe

“For a Catholic prelate to propose such a thing is an outrage, and shows how the faith has degenerated in Europe. We don't need to ‘change’ the Name of God because He already told us what it is: He is Yahweh, the Great I Am, the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ.” — Donald (Bay Shore, NY)

“Allah is a god, but isn’t God. The name Allah does not translate to the same name of God that is used in the Bible, therefore, the bishop is misguided.” — KGE

“Why do we, Catholics, and other Christian faiths have to kowtow and change our beliefs to embrace others when they don't embrace our religious beliefs, and don't come near to even trying to. There is no ‘coming together,’ and that is that.” — Lisa (Denville, NJ)

“The bishop has pitifully poor theology. The God of the Jews and Christians is not Allah, but rather Yaweh. They are two distinct and separate beings, and many people do not believe that Allah is a true god at all.” — Ruth (Greenwood Village, CO)

“We know there is one God and many ways people believe in him. People have different religions and different names for God — the name their religion calls God is important to them. Islam calls Him Allah and that is fine for them — just NOT for all religions.” — Carroll

“Not a debate, a debacle. Allah is not the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (Ask any Muslim what they think of God as Father!) No thanks, we Christians and Catholics will continue to honor God, the Holy Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” — Jim and Jean

“This is exactly what I was afraid would happen. Once again we must change our ways for them. This has got to stop and that Bishop should be sent behind closed doors and never let out again.” — Sue (Itasca, IL)

“Absolutely not! God is God and Allah should not be the common reference to God. The Muslim world wants everyone in the world to use the term ‘Allah.’ No way! American people need to wise up quickly and stand firm on this issue. Christians will always refer to the Almighty as ‘God.’ The Quran is entirely different from the Christian Bible, and the Muslim world believes the Bible to be false, that their Quran is the truth, according to Allah.” — Don (Bountiful, UT)

“I completely disagree with the idea of using the name Allah rather than God. Whether or not we worship the same God is irrelevant. Using Allah would be an appeasement to people to whom we owe nothing. It's just another way of giving in to pressure from the Muslim world and I refuse to go along with it. As a Catholic, I am appalled by this man's urging us to do so.” — Bayley (Rochester, NY)

“If it doesn’t matter what God is called, then other faiths should refer to him as God.” — Sharon (Durango, CO)