Oregon Judge Orders Homeless Crime Witnesses Kept in Jail

A Medford judge ruled Tuesday that three homeless people who saw a fatal fight at an encampment must remain in jail until the case is tried.

The three have been held for 10 weeks as material witnesses, getting $7.50 a day in compensation. A trial is scheduled to begin Sept. 25.

The three witnesses— Carl Bogenschneider, his wife, Lynn Ann, and Timothy Williams—argued that they should be allowed to record their testimony and go free. Public defender Christine Herbert, who represents Bogenschneider, said the judge is holding innocent people in jail.

But Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Ron Grensky said they should remain in jail, as he ordered in June.

Jacikson said the three are the only people who can testify about what happened in a fight between 42-year-old James Revier and 40-year-old Brian Garrett. Revier was killed.