Boozing Flight Attendant's Wings Clipped

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The incident happened over a week ago, but we're just getting the video.

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The story went that Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Kentucky, reported that 26-year-old flight attendant Sarah Mills threatened the Delta captain on a flight she was working.

Why would she do that? She was drunk.

As the booking video shows, and court documents confirm, Mills smelled heavily of alcohol and admitted drinking whiskey onboard. And as you might expect, it is actually against the law to be drunk while working on board an aircraft, and Mills could be jailed.

Watching the video of Miss Mills acting drunk, angry, combative, in disarray, you might be surprised that she was not drunk enough to be charged had she been driving. She was under the .08 limit, registering only .03. But it's clear that there is such a thing as legally drunk on the road that is illegally drunk while serving drinks on an airplane. Miss Mills is finding a new line of work now.

What made the whole thing worse was allegedly telling the pilot who smelled the booze, "You're dead." That was a really bad move. Her wings have been clipped.

That's My Word.

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