Smart Spying: What's Legal, What's Not

Editor's Note: It's tempting to spy on your mate, but the wrong kind of snooping can put you in a lot of legal trouble. As part of a new weekly segment on FOX & Friends, airing in the 8 a.m. hour et, FOX News legal analyst Lis Wiehl, creator of "Lis and the Single Girl," has advice and tips to keep you in the clear and out of cuffs.

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"Lis and the Single Girl" is a daily column on the hot legal topic for single women. Ever wish you had your own personal Carrie Bradshaw to answer your questions, not just about what to do if your boyfriend dumps you via text message, but serious subjects that confront us? This column address the topics that single women are faced with and everybody wonders about — but no one has time to figure out.

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Lis Wiehl joined FOX News Channel as a legal analyst in October 2001. To read the rest of Lis's bio, click here.