Ohio Judge Bars Jurors From Watching Crime TV Shows

Most jurors are told not to read news about their case. Jurors in Butler County can't even look forward to their weekly installment of "CSI."

Common Pleas Judge Patricia Oney tells sitting jurors in this southwest Ohio city they can't watch shows ranging from the "CSI" crime scene investigation shows to the several "Law & Order" series.

Such shows can create unrealistic expectations for jurors such as about what can and cannot be done with evidence, said Oney.

It doesn't matter that "CSI" and "Law & Order" are fictional.

"So many shows now are pulled in part from cases all over the country," Oney said. "I don't want jurors watching them while they are in deliberation."

Defense attorney Melynda Cook-Reich said she agrees with Oney's no-viewing list, "but I think otherwise those shows can be a benefit to make people aware of what kind of testing can be done."