NFL Royalty

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The Tuesday anchor lineup saw Greg Kelly spell Steve Doocy and welcomed Gretchen Carlson back from a two-day vacation.

We led with another young, suddenly dead wrestler and tore into topics like "What did Lincoln really look like?"; "Is talking online like cheating on your spouse?" and of course the latest from Iraq.

Oh yeah and we touched on Michael Vick, who could not be more isolated. The Falcons QB indicted on a myriad of charges just learned all three of his buddies have cut plea deals with the government, leaving him to take the fire himself. Word is Vick has until Friday to take his own deal or he goes to trial in November.

The high point in the show for me was talking with Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson as he talked about Madden 08. Until my son started playing, I was not aware how involved and game-like this game has become. I know many of you will be scrambling to buy it — and word is it's worth every dime.

Wednesday features our annual visit from FOX NFL Sunday superstars Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson and Curt Menefee — it should be a blast. How we will make it work with three hosts and five sports guys? Well, I am open to ideas: E-mail me with any questions for the guys.

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