Yesterday we asked you to speak out on a YouTube video of a rapping marine. Missed it? Click here to watch the video.

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Here is what FOX Fans thought of the video:

“Wonderfully said and done! He has put to rap what many of us have been saying for so long. Never has it been spoken so well.” — Denise (Dayton, OH)

“It is unfortunate that some of our military men and women have been so brainwashed to continue to think that we are fighting in Iraq for freedom. These hardworking men and women need to realize that the real terror is coming from within the administration who continues to walk all over and destroy the Constitution the military is defending.” — Edgard, former Navy

“It is sad that some people have never learned a basic tenet in life and that is 'if you don't have anything nice say, don't say anything at all.' But what do you expect from the weak-minded who receive their thoughts from the propaganda machine inappropriately described as mainstream media. It is hard for some to have an original thought like the service man in the video. Now that took conviction! The message was well put by this warrior poet. Sign him up for a medal of honor and a medal of disgrace for the naysayers.” — David (Alaska)

“It brought tears to my eyes. I raise my glass to this young patriot, and support him with a whole heart and without questions. I owe him my life, for he has given all of us a piece of his. “ — Jaime (Joplin, MO)

“Only someone from San Francisco can turn a patriotic rap about soldiers, sailors and airmen into an ideological bashing of Bush and America.” — Vic (Melbourne, FL)

“That was truly wonderful. BRAVO!! We need to stop looking for things that separate us or divide us and stuff to argue about. Let us see the things that unite us. I believe he spoke for the majority of those brave men and women fighting for our rights and freedoms. Thank you for sharing that with us.” — Tammy

“This is not rap or rap music but spoken word poetry! Very good poetry at that. I loved it, however before we send our young military personnel into battle like this Marine poet, we need to be sure. This war is a mess and there is no end in sight!” — WMD

“Truth is truth, no matter what the sound, what the style, what the color! Thank you U.S. Military for standing up in defense of our freedom, in our truth, and for our nation!” — Dan (Cordova, TN)

“Nonsense.” — Stan

“The detractors of this young man's video ought to take a ride out with the next unit leaving for Iraq. They might appreciate his message more. He's not condoning or criticizing the war. He's commenting that no matter the situation, he and others like him are our back-up. Thank God!” — Lisa

“Perfect example of what America has become. If this young man is a 'real Marine' he is a disgrace to the uniform. I love this country with all my heart, But I hate what it is becoming.” — John

“As a wife of someone who is in the military, it makes very proud that people like this young man stand up and make these statements. It is always very difficult to read comments from others because some do not believe in this war, but as a wife who has spent months alone I can honestly say whether I believe in it or not, I know there are many, many people who will sit and enjoy Christmas with their family, and I will spend mine praying my web camera will work for my children to see their daddy!” — A proud wife

“I'm not surprised that two of the people listed in this article opposing this presentation are from California. You should be thankful that our men and women soldiers are defending your right. Preach it, my brother!” — David (Independence, KS)

“I am a former Marine and got choked up watching that video. I understand the pride and courage that it takes to fight for freedom. I also understand that there are those in the U.S. whose right to disagree are some of the liberties that I risked my life for in the Marine Corps. If everyone wanted to fight for freedom and be proud of that honor, they would not call us 'the few, the proud, the Marines.'” — David

“Though I didn't catch every word, and I don't care for rap, I liked it! Our lives are but a fleeting flash between the tick and tock of eternity's clock.” — Xavier

“It's sad that these types of messages are not broadcasted more on ALL media stations. But this is not what sells is it? Whether or not this Marine agrees with war, he understands what it means to be an American and to protect his country, for ALL! God bless him and all the soldiers fighting so we can be FREE!” — Erin (California)

“Amazing! I wish more people had this much heart, compassion and patriotism. He emphasizes why I am proud to be an American and come from a family of soldiers, including my brother serving right now in Iraq.” — Tina (Kansas City, MO)

“We are all Americans. I love the message from this one Marine, but I wish more people would take up the battle cry that we are one people, not to be separated by race, creed or religion.” — Jared

“Regardless of whether this young man is actually a Marine, the message is strong and proud and one that must be heard if our nation is to survive. As Americans we demand respect for all heritages, races and religions, but it is imperative that we proclaim we ARE Americans, first and foremost, and the one thing we will NOT tolerate are those who threaten us. It is time we toss the salad tongs and fire up the coals under our melting pot; else this nation divided shall surely fall!” — Kathe

“With tears streaming from my eyes and truth ringing in my soul, I listened to this awesome American soldier and realized he is so right on!” — C.

“Great job, enough said.” — John

”What a patriotic young man! God bless him and all the other young men and women out there who are serving our great country. Keep up the message!” — D.

“This is garbage. Don't waste the space on your front page with this stuff.” — Jim (Lodi, CA)

“Finally, something worthwhile on YouTube. God bless this Marine. May we see more of him!” — Skip (Agawam, MA)

“Play it once a day for the Americans and broadcast it to the entire world.” — F

“I love, love, love, love, love it. Thanks Marine.” — Elma

“He allows me to have trust in our young people. He is the reason why America is a truly great nation.” — M.

“I liked the message, but then I already understood what he was saying and what it was all about. Anyone with any brains knows the enemy is within. Great video and the fellow did a terrific job.” — Polly

“I loved it. It inspired me and made me proud!” — Brenda

“I never thought I would say this, but there now is a rap I really like.” — Tony

“Awesome! Freedom's rally cry.” — Mike

“He has it right! Congress needs to watch this 1,000 times, may be in slow motion, just so they can get it too!” — Mike (Macomb Township, MI)

“If only more Americans had the same amount of pride about our great country our will would be unstoppable in the world. Who cares what color your skin is or what religion you follow? We are at our core all Americans and God help anyone who stands in our way!” — Robert (Dayton OH)

“Awesome! True! He is what makes America great.” — Michelle

“Gave me goose bumps. Right on, man! Our troops are tops!” — Wendy (Cottage Grove, WI)

“All I can say is ‘United we stand!’ I am not big on rap, but he does get the message across and I would proudly stand and fight with this individual any day, anywhere!” &$151; Doug (Pace, FL)

“Send this to our wonderful Congress. Send this to all the Democrats that want to give it all up. Especially send this to all the Democrats running for president. They need to know how most Americans feel.” — C.

”God bless that young Marine! He understands what we are fighting for!” — Mark

“Thank you for providing that video — it really hit me hard. I hope a lot of people watch it and that it affects them the way it did me.” — B.

“Unbelievably beautiful — he should receive a medal of honor for this. Courage takes many forms and he has displayed an unfortunately unpopular courage — the courage to say something positive about our country. Congratulations, sir!” — D

“I watched the young man and listened to his rap message. I don't care for rap very much but this venue seems to be working very well for this young man. He has a very powerful message, one that I think all Americans can be proud of; I think the Marines should be proud as well! Nice job.” — T.

“Great patriotism! Brought tears to my eyes, my son is in Marine Basics right now and for the same reasons.” — Dee

“He said what all Americans should be saying. We have become afraid to say what we believe in and this man has said it right. All Americans should be proud of who we are and should be ready to stand up for our way of life and for the future or our children.” — Jim (Abilene, TX)

“Wow, amazing. I am speechless. I am honored to have these young men and women protecting and serving our country. It's a debt I'll never be able to repay. Indeed, God bless them all!” — Steve (Boston, MA)

“God bless this young Marine! It gave me goose bumps! He exemplifies what makes America great! It gives me hope for our country and for my children. I had my three boys (ages nine, seven and five) watch this! I wanted to show them this hero so they understand what a privilege it is to be an American and appreciate the men and women who fight to keep us free!” — Dana (Shakopee, MN)

“So eloquent the message. A message that liberal, defeatist Americans need to heed. One message: emphasis on unity and patriotism and those willing to defend us all. I hope that Pelosi, Reid and Kerry have the opportunity to watch this video several times. More importantly, can they grasp the message that this Marine is telling us? This Marine needs to be congratulated and thanked for his words. All our volunteer servicemen and woman need to be thanked for their efforts, service and sacrifices. God bless them all!” — Joan (Leonardtown, MD)

“Are you listening U.S. Congress, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid?!” — G.

“Spoken like a true soldier! This is the kind of material that should always grace your front page at Bravo to Fox for posting it! Otherwise people, including myself might not have heard it.” — Justin

“I never liked rap, until today.” — Rob (Sanford, NC)

“No, I did not look at or listen to this.” — P.

“Does this ‘inspirational message’ erase the damage done by the horribly-executed invasion?” — W.

“This video gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. This young man gets it. So many liberal elites and those on the far left just don't get it anymore. Many of the liberals in our senate and congress are flat out anti-American and would have been tried for treason in our not too distant past. They seem to be willfully and gleefully undercutting and sabotaging America at every turn.” — K.

“Wow, that was an amazing rap video. I am still wiping the tears. To be able to be so articulate about the importance of our freedom — yet make it so fun, creative and real — is brilliant. I applaud this dedicated American and thank him for his amazing service on and off the field.” — Genevieve (Playa del Rey, CA)

“I couldn't get what the message is supposed to be because the whole thing is so annoying I had to stop listening. A patriotic video sounds like a great idea, but this guy is not the one to do it.” — L.

“Purist poetry as has ever been. Make this Marine the Poet Laureate of the United States.” — Jim (Alaparetta, GA)

“Now, I understand. Many thanks to that brave young man.” — Amy

“Beautiful. If more rappers were like this one I could get into it.” — E.

“He is so right. The Bush administration should realize that they are causing the deaths of very talented, brilliant soldiers for no apparent reason. We once fought wars for freedom, but now we have taken to wreaking havoc and mayhem on the rest of the world and use freedom and liberty as a hollow rationale for imperialism and world domination.” — Scott (San Francisco, CA)

“As a former Navy Corpsman and wife of a recent disabled Marine vet I can say with most certainty that this video is an accurate representation of why we military do what we do. Ooh-Rah to that Marine for sharing it with us.” — S.

“Speak English.” — Gerry