911 Calls: Family Members Screamed During Violent Exorcism in Arizona

Ronald Marquez screamed as he performed an exorcism on his 3-year-old granddaughter before police burst into his home and shocked him with a Taser stun gun, family members frantically told 911 operators.

Marquez, who had the 3-year-old in a headlock when officers arrived at his home July 28, was shocked twice with Taser as officers tried to pull the girl away, police said. He later died.

Tapes of three 911 calls released Monday portrayed a violent, confusing scene, one so frightening that Marquez's own mother fled the home in hysterics. Inside the house remained the 49-year-old Marquez, the girl and her 19-year-old mother.

The 3-year-old has since been placed in protective custody. The 19-year-old, who was Marquez's daughter, was found naked, covered with blood and chanting nearby during the incident, police said.

The 19-year-old, whose identity hasn't been released, is currently hospitalized, and it's not known whether she will be charged with a crime, said Phoenix Police Sgt. Joel Tranter.

"There's an investigation ongoing," Tranter said.

The 911 calls began when Marquez's sister called after her elderly mother fled the house crying.

"My niece, which is my brother's daughter, thinks that she's some kind of angel, you know, that God sent her. And she's doing some kind of exorcist over there," Marquez's sister said. "And they're screaming, my brother and her are screaming."

The 19-year-old and Marquez were yelling as loudly as they could, Marquez's sister said.

In the meantime, the 3-year-old was "screaming and crying like she's scared," Marquez's sister added.

A neighbor called 911 later and put Marquez's brother on the phone.

"I went to the door and he started screaming at me in a voice I never heard before to 'get out of here, get out of here, get out of here' screaming real loud," Marquez's brother told the operator.

Marquez's brother called back 15 minutes later to tell the operator he thought Marquez was suicidal.

"He's like talking to somebody. I guess he thinks he's talking to the devil or something. I don't know," Marquez's brother said.

Later, Marquez's brother said: "Now that his daughter has gone into another world he's like following her, you know. Whatever she's talking about, he's agreeing with her."

During the same call, Marquez's brother also said that the 19-year-old mother had hit her head in previous days and visited the doctor. But instead of taking medication from a doctor, she decided to smoke marijuana.

Minutes later, police arrived at the house.