Remembering Merv

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A lot fun today, despite the absence of Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy.

Alisyn Camerota filled the role of women on the show and Molly Line the role of update anchor. Both were outstanding, as was Kelly Wright — who was Doocy-like only without needing to do the weather. Manning the maps, Dominica — so all-in-all it was a different day!

Of course, two big stories center around Karl Rove's resignation and Merv Griffin's passing.

For me, Merv's passing was really eerie. He just gave "FOX & Friends" one hour of his time and a private tour of his offices. It would be his last on camera interview. I was asked to do the interview and it was truly a thrill. I always loved interviewing people who have such incredible success in so many different professions.

What struck me about Merv is what also struck me bout Steve Allen: their drive and enthusiasm. I met the both at the end of their life and they were still attacking the day the way I imagine they did at twenty-two. Griffin was so excited about Ryan Seacrest's success and his new game show it was as if both could put him over the top in life, where in fact has been at the top for four decades! Steve Allen, the first host of "The Tonight Show," was booked on a local show in Los Angeles when he was told they would be a half hour late. He quickly opened up his folder and started writing music. He packed out his days like Merv did his — in Merv's case he actually said retirement is death!

As for Karl Rove, we were shocked to hear the news of his resignation and for me really surprised neither Bill O'Reilly, Bill Kristol or Rich Lowry had any idea — or anything but theories — on why Rove's leaving.

In sports, we had a good news sports story in Tiger inching up on history with his 13th major victory taking his fourth PGA title. We did not run with the Michael Vick suspension story because the NFL quickly denied it. I do think however that they will suspend him for the year, because that indictment looks to0 detailed and explosive to be faked.

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