Texas Redneck Games Anger Neighbors

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JOHN GIBSON, "BIG STORY" HOST: The "Big Showdown" between competitors in the Texas Redneck Games and their angry neighbors could end with the games' organizer behind bars. What do the neighbors have against good old-fashioned redneck fun? And why do they think it's illegal to compete in a butt crack contest? "Big Story" correspondent Douglas Kennedy has more on this controversial competition.

DOUGLAS KENNEDY, "BIG STORY" CORRESPONDENT: Yeah, John, that contest isn't illegal, but police say having more than 2,500 people gathered to watch it in Texas is. In fact, the Redneck Games attracted more than 6,000 spectators. Let the games begin.


KENNEDY (VOICE-OVER): In one year, Beijing, China will light the torch and host the international Olympics. Last weekend, Oscar Still filled up his mud bog with water and hosted the Texas Redneck Games.

What are the Redneck Games?

OSCAR STILL, TEXAS REDNECK GAMES HOST: Just basically a big redneck reunion. It's a party. We provide entertainment and we play the Redneck Games and people camp out and have fun.

KENNEDY: In China, the world's top athletes will compete in the pole volt, the 50-yard dash and the shot put. In Texas, anyone who wanted went in for mud wrestling, the boat pull and the always competitive "Mattress Chuck."

Explain the "Mattress Chuck."

STILL: The "Mattress Chuck" signifies somebody needing to get rid of an old, junkie mattress that they have had around the house for years, and they've either purchased a new one or they just decided that one is too old.

KENNEDY: The Texas games are similar to the ones held in Georgia where participants compete in spitting watermelon seeds and the armpit serenade, all for the ceremonial trophy: the beer can.

In Texas, nearly 6,000 spectators flooded an RV park to witness this spirited event that also included a competition called the "Butt Crack" and a short shorts contest called the "Daisy Duke." But not everyone joined in on the joviality, including members of the Henderson County Sheriffs Department.

So, Lieutenant, how many people did you end up arresting and what did you arrest them for?

LT. PAT MCWILLIAMS, HENDERSON CO. SHERIFFS DEPT: We had numerous arrests, totaling about 58 persons. Those arrests range from traffic violations to DWIs, driving under the influence by minors.

KENNEDY: The sheriff's office says they also received dozens of complaints from neighbors who say drunken rednecks kept the party going until the wee hours of the morning. The sheriff says he's also thinking of filing charges against Still for organizing the games without a permit.

Are you worried about getting arrested here?

STILL: No, I'm not. You know, if they're going to make accusations and they're going to claim that I may be arrested, I don't know why they hadn't gone ahead and done it.


KENNEDY: Still says he did not expect more than 2,500 people and he says he is not responsible for the behavior of others. He says he has hired an attorney and will vigorously defend himself if and when, John, those charges are filed.

GIBSON: Well, what's the defense of letting, you know, 1,500 more people on your property than is allowed by the law?

KENNEDY: What's the defense of that?


KENNEDY: He says he didn't know that many people would be attracted to come to Redneck Games.

GIBSON: He wasn't counting.



GIBSON: All right. Douglas Kennedy, thanks very much.

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