Half-Million-Dollar Bingo Scam Uncovered in New York State

A suburban New York community was shocked to learn that hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bingo proceeds intended for the disabled have disappeared, the New York Post reported.

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An employee who recently resigned from the charity and her boss are accusing each other of having a hand in the half-million-dollar heist that stole from the Long Island not-for-profit organization the Suffolk Independent Living Organization.

The employee, Sverna Bradley, and Edward Ahern, executive director of the charity, are accusing each other of taking $10,000.

Bradley refused to comment but Ahern defended himself to wcbs.com.

"Of course, I never took any money," he said. "I spent 45 minutes in Walgreen's last night shopping for the 10-cent sales. I would never steal from my own people."

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Town Supervisor Brian Foley said there appeared to be large differences between the agency’s reported Bingo income and the actual monies received.