Friday Finals: Week's Winners and Losers

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It's the Friday Finals, my choices for this week's biggest winners and losers, and the reasons why! Let's start with the winners.

The mine rescue team in Utah. These guys are racing to save their comrades underground, and no matter how this turns out this team has shown the country that they don't give up, they don't slow down, and they will not stop.

The monkey has to be a winner. He got by TSA at one American airport and got onto the plane under his owner's hat. He got us all asking the security folks: Hey! How do you miss a monkey?

The French president is nicknamed Sarko. He's tough and he has a temper, and he showed it when photographers tried to spoil his New Hampshire vacation. He's a winner.

Bob Barker. America loves Bob. He came on "The Big Story" this week, and we'll book him every time we get a chance because he's a winner.

Now let's talk about this week's losers, chosen by me and my staff.

The co-founder of the Daily Kos left-wing Bush-bashing Web site was fined by the SEC $30,000 for unsavory business practices in his previous life as a stock tout. Sort of says it all, doesn't it?

"Fire in the hole" kids. Rich kids, big losers. Who is so dumb as to purposely put themselves on videotape committing a crime? Even stupid bank robbers try to avoid the camera, but not these dopes.

Barry Bonds is a loser even though he set the record. He's in the history books, but the cloud of suspicion is still hanging over him, and he can't shake it.

The big union-sponsored debate for Democratic candidates on my old network was a huge loser. Do Dem presidential candidates really want to set record-low ratings? Well they did, whether they like it or not.

Those are your winners and losers on today's Friday Finals.

That's My Word.

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