New York Times Hits All-Time Low

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Just when you think The New York Times could sink no lower, it's offering ideas to terrorists on how to kill us.

On The Times Web site, "Freakonomics" author Steven Levitt offered his ideas on a good terrorist attack and asked readers to post their own ideas. Levitt's idea was actually stupid: 20 terrorists in cars with rifles all start shooting at the same moment at different places across the country.

Considering the rising murder rate in some neighborhoods, this brilliant "Freakonomic" idea might not even be noticed. But his readers, he was certain, would have far better ideas, and they began flooding in.

Levitt is obviously one of those brilliant dopes who should stay locked up in a room somewhere without an Internet connection. But my concern here is The New York Times.

What possible reason could an institution like The Times have for helping terrorists come up with ways to kill us? A public service? To point out our vulnerabilities?

I suppose The Times might take that stance, but just for the sake of appearances, couldn't The Times sometimes act as though it is not on the side of people who want to kill us?

The Times doesn't want terrorists spied on, locked up or killed. It doesn't want terrorists blamed, because a good suit of blame fits George W. Bush so much better.

Hello, Times... anybody over there paying attention?

That's My Word.

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