Don King and Senator Joe Biden Visit the Greenroom

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Thursday, August 9

Presidential Parlance

Joe Biden likes to get very close when he talks to you. He gives you the feeling that you're an old family friend about to hear a private joke. But I actually wanted to let the senator in on my own private joke — one that involves him.

I told him that a few years ago, I'd heard him use the expression "Katy, bar the door!" on a talk show. The phrase had tickled me so much that I'd looked up its origin. He said he only knew it as a phrase his Irish mother used to say. I told him that made sense, but I seemed to recall it was from on old Irish poem or Scottish song (my short term memory fails at times ... what was I saying? Oh yeah!) I told him that I'd since added it to my own vernacular. He liked that.

I also asked him what was new on the campaign trail. He said, "electability." (If you've watched the debates, you know he's big on one word answers.) Biden believes that voters will soon be done sampling and that electability will be THE deciding factor for Democrats. When exactly? "By October. And that's how I'll become president," he said smiling. “And Bob's your uncle.” (That’s my OTHER favorite expression).

Royalty in the Greenroom

Don King showed up in full regal regalia, with his own paparazzi in tow. He was a one man Fourth of July show. The front of his jean jacket was red, white and blue and bedazzled with stars, studs and sequins; the back was a giant illustration of the continental U.S. (that Steve later used as his weather map). King's neck held more bling than Queen Elizabeth keeps in the Tower of London. His tie was a colorful tribute to 9/11, replete with the New York City skyline and the stars and stripes. He told me that after 9/11, he had organized the first major sports event in New York City — a fight between Felix Trinidad and Bernard Hopkins. It sold out Madison Square Garden and brought the city together after the attacks.

Don King and Brian had a lively exchange about Barry Bonds and whether he deserved his record-breaking place in baseball history.

Don King told Brian that Barry Bonds was actually misunderstood — that he's actually a really nice guy and that he's been forced to be quiet because of all the steroid controversy. King went on that Bonds has been mischaracterized by the press. Brian disagreed and told Don King he thought he was wrong. Don King then tried a different tact to help Brian understand. "It's just like you, Brian, the more successful you get, the more people are out to get you." Now Brian saw the parallel. "That's right. I've often been called the Barry Bonds of Cable!"

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