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How is Tony Snow doing? I watch FOX all the time, and haven't heard a word as to his progress. Our hearts and prayers are with him and his family! Please try to keep us up to date as much as possible. He is such a fine person! — Karen

Thanks for asking! The White House press secretary returned to work on Monday, April 30 and declared himself "unbelievably lucky and unbelievably blessed" — even as he prepares to undergo chemotherapy. Click here to read more, and if you'd like to send him well wishes, click over to e-mail him directly.

What happened to Wendy McElroy? Did you drop her column or did she drop you? — Regards, Chuck

Well, we don't know exactly how it came about, but McElroy stopped writing her columns ... but don't let that stop you from reading Radley Balko's "Straight Talk" column. He continues to write every other week, and you can find him on the Views Page.

The Journal Editorial Report transcript from April 21 — When will it be posted? — Dave

Here it is … Up on the site and ready to read! Send your e-mails to, and visit the show on the web at

I missed the April 26th segment on West Point baseball player Nick Hill. Is there any chance that it is archived somewhere so I can watch it? — Vincent (Ormond Beach, FL)

Have no fear! We've got the complete report right here on Jamie Colby's blog —Read more and watch the video … and stay up-to-date on all the military latest with "The Colby Files".

I attended yesterday Insurance Day at Mississippi State University in Starkville, Ms. and was privileged to hear Lt. Col. Oliver North speak and have my picture taken with him. I would like to e-mail him with my appreciation for his service to our country and also suggest a story line for War Stories. — Harry (Jackson, MA)

You're lucky! Lt. Col. North has tons of fans, but not many are fortunate enough to get the chance to speak with him in person, let alone take a photograph with him. But nonetheless, I'm sure that he and his "War Stories" team would love to hear from all the fans from across the states — whether it's notes of appreciation or story suggestions. Keep those e-mails coming!

Did Janice Dean leave FNC permanently? I see that another weather person has been reporting the last few days. Janice is the best weather reporter I have ever seen. She made the weather fun. — Shirley (Granbury, TX)

"The Weather Machine" is still at FOX News Channel — continuing to report on all of the day's top weather conditions from New York to California. If you tuned in and didn't see Janice on any given day, she might have been a little "under the weather."

H - E - L - P! I know I am getting old and my motor skills, alertness, visual mental and acuity are headed to a point of diminishing returns, but I have desperately searched for Bios on the hosts and a way to e-mail them directly. I have looked on their homepage, but, alas, no results for this senior citizen. — Jay (Monks Corner, SC)

Have no fear, dear senior citizen! Click here to see the complete list of shows. And, to e-mail members of our FOX News team, simply visit our Contacts Page — you should find all your answers there!

I am a former intelligence specialist with the 152 TRG, Reno Nevada, am female, have three children, and I find myself wanting to respond on comments made by the gentlemen on FOX radio. May I have an email address? — Lisa

Absolutely! We love FOX Fan interaction … Send them e-mail, and keep your eyes open — maybe they'll respond to you on the air waves!

I manage an assisted living facility for the elderly. One of our residents would like to mail a letter to FOX. What mailing address should she use? Our residents will not enter the computer age and will only use snail-mail. — Lisa

Despite technological advances in this new age, FOX News Channel still believes in "snail mail," and our company appreciates letters mailed in by fans.

FOX News Channel
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

If there's a specific person or department the letter is intended for, please include that in the address line. (i.e. Re: The O'Reilly Factor)

Plus, we also have a general phone number: 1-888-369-4762

Will there be Bio information on Father Jonathan Morris' background? — Anonymous FOX Fan

You can read more about Father Jonathan Morris on his personal Web site, But in short, Father Morris serves as a regular news contributor for the FOX News Channel, where he offers ethical and moral commentary to regular news items. After completing undergraduate studies in Business Administration, he joined the seminary and attained separate degrees in classical humanities, philosophy, and theology. He was ordained a Roman Catholic priest on December 24, 2002 in Rome, Italy. In June of 2004, Father Jonathan graduated with high honors with a licentiate degree in moral theology (ethics) from Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University in Rome where is currently a doctoral candidate in the same institution.

I recently purchased Culture Warrior, and I would like Bill to sign it. Please advise. — Joyce (Highland, CA)

Doesn't everyone! We here at FOX can't guarantee that any of our authors will autograph their books for you. However, we suggest you e-mail his show:

When is John Kasich of Heartland on? My local newspaper guide keeps listing Saturdays at 6 p.m. However, the channel has been showing Greta or something else at that time. — Marlene (Phoenix, AZ)

Unfortunately, John Kasich's show sometimes gets pre-empted by other FOX News Channel specials. But please don't hesitate to e-mail Heartland to share your displeasure with the time changes, and check out the Web site.

You can get John's latest blog, From the Heartland, right here! Copy the URL below and paste it into your podcasting application:,4369,91,00.xml

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