British Woman Gives Birth to Rare Identical Triplets

A British woman has defied the odds, giving birth in Austria to identical triplets.

The woman's doctor said Wednesday the odds of such a birth, where artificial insemination had not been used, is one in 200 million, the Austrian news agency APA reported.

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The three baby girls — Amy, Kim and Zoe — each weighed 3.3 pounds and were born Monday to their 25-year-old mother by Caesarian section in the 33rd week of her pregnancy.

Normally, triplet fetuses die early in a pregnancy, said Schwaerzler, the head of the maternity ward at Feldkirch hospital in Vorarlberg in western Austria..

The 33rd week of a pregnancy was the best time to give birth because the risks of fatalities "increase dramatically" after that, the doctor added.