U.K. Woman: British Airways 'Lost' My Father

A London woman blames British Airways for causing her elderly father to miss his flight, the first link in a chain of events that ended with the 83-year-old suffering a stroke and a fall that broke his hip in July, the Daily Mail reported.

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Mimi Ghadban claims her father, Zafer Ghadban, was “lost in transit” after airline personnel brought him to a hospital for treatment on his recently amputated toe.

When they returned to Heathrow, Zafer Ghadban, whose family had requested he be transported in a wheelchair, had missed his connecting flight between Jordan and Canada.

"He just got lost in the system. It's quite incredible treatment," Mimi Ghadban said of her father, who does not speak English.

A British Airways spokesman said: "British Airways takes the comfort and dignity of all customers seriously. It is the airline's policy to offer assistance at the airport to all passengers with restricted mobility.

"A member of the customer relations team has been in contact with Mr. Ghadban's family. We are currently investigating the complaint."

Mimi Ghadban, 33, claims he slept on a bench and the next morning suffered a stroke and a serious fall.

She says no one called to alert his family until after he failed to show up at the airport after what should have been his final flight home.