A suicide attempt by twin sisters mourning the death of a family member and facing eviction was thwarted by a deputy sent to their apartment to serve their eviction notice.

Tamara Nestarenko and Lola Walker, 53, went into a bedroom after the deputy arrived Monday morning and tried to kill themselves with a kitchen knife, authorities said.

The sisters had expected the deputy's arrival, said Monterey County Sheriff's Sgt. Scott Ragan, and asked him for 20 minutes to pack up their belongings.

The deputy checked on the women about five minutes later and found them bleeding but conscious and able to speak.

"It looks like they both cut their own throats but one sister — maybe because it hurt too much — had asked the other sister to help," Ragan said. "It was premeditated. They've been planning to do it, talked about it, but the deputy being there may have given them urgency to get their plan into action."

The sisters told investigators that family members in Colombia had died. Their injuries were not life threatening, authorities said.

"They claimed to be destitute and couldn't face the possibility of being homeless," the Sheriff's department said in a statement.