Hey TSA! How Do You Miss a Monkey?

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How do you miss a monkey? That's my question to the screeners at TSA.

I got into a big fight with a TSA supervisor Monday morning at Dalls-Fort Worth after I stood in line... as I do every single Monday... watching the TSA people move slower and slower and slower as people piled up behind me in an ever growing line.

Being that I'm pushy, when I finally got through... i carry nothing but a book, a set of keys and a cell phone, so I do breeze through... I went up to the supervisor and asked if he had noticed it seemed exceptionally show this morning.

He argued with me and I argued back, defending the job he was doing watching his people move slow, and I went to grab some papers before the flight.

But it bugged me. With all due respect to the TSA screeners, and I've seen a million of 'em, something seems to be wrong lately. It seems to be turning into just another government bureaucracy with a bad case of the slows and the red tapes.

I get it about travelers. Some are idiots. I've seen people surprised they can't carry a five inch knife on the plane. And I blame travelers as much as anybody for the delays in security lines... but i gotta ask again. How do you miss a monkey?

Here's a guy boarding a plane in Florida with a monkey under his hat. Evidently they don't ask him to take his hat off and send it thru the x-ray... which they're supposed to... and if they did, it's even worse.

Passengers on the flight to New York said to the guy, hey mister do you know you got a monkey on your head? Sure he knew. He had the monkey hidden under his hat.

Hey... all my friends at TSA. I'm glad you're great in our era of terror... no more Mohammad Attas since 9/11 and that's great.

But ... once again, and I hope somebody will answer me...how do you miss a monkey?

That's My Word.

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