Pennsylvania Cops May Seek Charges in 'Fire-in-the-Hole' Drink-Throwing Prank

An Internet prank called "Fire in the Hole" has lit a fire under police in one Pennsylvania community.

The prank involves people who drive up to fast-food windows and throw a drink at the worker, yelling "Fire in the Hole." The pranks are videotaped or recorded on camera phones and downloaded to video-sharing sites like YouTube.

A prank on a clerk at a Subway restaurant last Friday had a twist, North Huntingdon Township police said. While the pranksters usually throw a drink they just bought, this clerk was hit by a cup of liquid the prankster brought with him. It seems to have included hot pepper juice and other liquids that sting the eye.

They plan to charge the prankster with assault and other crimes if they can catch him, police said.