On the Set With Glenn Close

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I have posted some random pictures on the blog today. Last week I was in New York City and in the green room (waiting room) outside our newest studio (Studio D). I snapped a few pics and posted them. Note that there is a big poster of Neil Cavuto because his show airs from Studio D. I know you will never get to see our FOX green rooms, so the reason for the posted pics....

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I have also posted put a picture taken of Shep in Minnesota last week and a close-up of the ladder I stood on as I did the show live from Minnesota on Thursday night. Yes, we improvise when we are on the road and the crew has to figure out how to get their 5 foot 3 inch anchor and guest not to look like Mutt and Jeff on the show. This IS the inside scoop! I am not sure how many other cable news shows would admit that they have guests standing on boxes and anchors on ladders.

Yesterday I spent the day on the Brooklyn set of the new FX show "Damages" with Glenn Close . The new show is exciting and Glenn Close is very nice — you would really like her (not at all stern and tough as her character in her new hit show.) Here is a behind the scenes tidbit: Glenn Close brings her two dogs to the studio. They follow her around when given the chance... sometimes, of course, the dogs can't be with her as she is taping a scene for her new show. She did tape one scene with one of the dogs quietly lying under the table she was seated at. TV dramas sure are different from live cable news. They can fix every mistake since they take and retake scenes. Live news (our show) is not forgiving — you see it as it happens and we all hope I don't mess it up!

I don't know about you, but the second I awoke this morning I turned on the TV and simultaneously combed the Internet to see if the six miners in Utah had been found or even heard from. Like you, I so want them found alive and it is painful watching and waiting. We have done this watch before with other mines. I feel sick for their families as we all wait and hope for good news.

I am trying to decide whether to go to Utah or not. At the moment I think it is unnecessary since I am not sure what information we could get for you by going. We don't want to go to a story to simply get a backdrop. We go to find some additional information that we would not otherwise get and speak in person to witnesses to events/potential guests. Not all stories are such that going improves the reporting. Using our correspondents on the ground is effective to get you the complete story.

This coal mining story differs from the bridge collapse since with the bridge collapse story we could at least find ourselves a helicopter and go up and take some video of the bridge for you so that you could be closer to the story and could see more. When you can see more, you (and we) could better understand what happened. Obviously an underground mine does not provide that opportunity.

I am struggling trying to decide what I could achieve for you by going to Utah. Bottom line: I will decide in the next few hours and may even wait until tomorrow. This may be one of those stories where going won't help our reporting... stay tuned.

I am stunned by the great numbers of e-mails I received from viewers about yesterday's blog about Paula Zahn . Yes, I am reading them — it will take me a few days to get through all of them because of the volume.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

How about a novel idea for those who want to run for president in the United States. Lets take the money out of the mix, and have each candidate write a contract telling Americans what their priorities are on the main issues for example: war and peace, homeland security, budget and economy, government reform, foreign affairs, energy and oil, health care, education, tax reform, infrastructure and technology, jobs, etc. After prioritizing their list, have each candidate explain what they would do in each area, and break it down by costs, and how they would pay for what they wanted to accomplish. Make it in a contractual format so if elected, and they breached their contract without justification, they could be recalled by the people who elected them.
Wouldn't this make a lot more sense then the system we have now, where candidates get up and BS the public, and aren't accountable for anything after elected?
A.M. Deist

ANSWER: I would love to see money taken out of the races consistent with our Constitution. The race should be a contest of who has the best ideas for our country, not a race to see who can raise the most money.

E-mail No. 2

I think that Nancy Pelosi, Bill and Hillary Clinton should face murder charges for those who died last Wednesday when the Minneapolis bridge collapsed into the Mississippi River.
They have had many years, more than George Bush to fix that bridge and Nancy Pelosi has done nothing. Nancy Pelosi and the Clintons should be made criminally liable for the death as murders.
Ted Kennedy too should face murder charges as well. Senator Corker, my senator, just got in and last November and should be excluded from being criminally responsible.
William Michael
Memphis, TN

ANSWER: I really don't know what to say about e-mails like the above. I think it would be wise if we all stopped for a second, took a deep breath and really thought about how to solve so many problems in this country. The level of vitriol in this e-mail is so not constructive... I only post it so that you get an idea of the comments we get in TV as we (at least some) struggle to think how better to make this country. (And yes, I get the same level of vitriol pointed at the Republicans.) Some people have way too much time on their hands and perhaps should look inward to see what they themselves are doing to make this country better instead of firing off the hostile e-mails.

Finally, an article that caught my attention:

• Fowl fouling courthouse entrance

OGDEN, Utah (AP) — Residents who may already have nasty business to take care of at Ogden's 2nd District Court have to deal with a pigeon problem at the court's entrance.

Since the building opened in 1997 pigeons have perched at the courthouse entrance fouling the ground — and sometimes people entering the building.

Many attempts have been made to scare the birds away. Spikes, glue strips and motion-activated predator sounds have all failed at removing the birds.

Fake owls appeared to work for a while until a storm blew them over and the owls were found the next day toppled and covered in excrement with pigeons perching atop them.

The state spent $40,000 on a brick canopy to shield court patrons. But the pigeons moved in perching and even building nests.

Solutions to the pigeon problem have been bogged down in recent years because The state Administrative Office of the Courts staffs the building, but the state Division of Facility Construction and Management is its landlord. Also, any change to the building must involve the consulting the Utah Arts Council.

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