Laws to Ban Driving Under the Influence — of Texting?

A study by Harris Interactive released Tuesday found that an overwhelming number of Americans favor laws prohibiting text messaging while driving.

The survey found that 89 percent of those polled favor a ban on texting while driving and 91 percent consider the habit as hazardous as driving under the influence. Fifty-seven percent of respondents confessed to texting while operating a vehicle.

In May, Washington became the first state to ban texting while driving. At least six other states including New York, Florida and California may follow suit. Read More!

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Here's what FOX fans are saying

“I will be the first to admit that sometimes while driving, I'll try to punch out a quick message while stopped at a red light or slowing down in traffic. Once, I almost slammed into the back of someone just by talking on the phone and I swore I would never talk on the phone in my car again — but that only lasted a couple weeks. I think texting and talking while driving should be banned. I don't care what anyone says, you are not paying attention to the road when you're doing either.” — Jessica (Greenville, SC)

“No text messaging while driving. This is a no brainer. I think cell phone use should be banned completely unless a hands free device is being used. Hang up and drive!” — S.W. (Savannah GA)

“I am of the opinion that texting and talking on a cell phone in one's hands while driving should be banned. When I see the huge number of drivers, in the college town near me, that are concentrating harder on their cell phone messages than they are on their driving, it makes me really afraid. The laws need to be changed immediately.” — Vickl (Swansboro, NC)

“I believe that the cell phone companies should develop a technology similar to the talk 2 type technology for those of us who actually do use text messaging as a way to talk to other because it is cheaper than using the minutes.” — S.

“Not only should text messaging be outlawed, but talking on cell phones while a vehicle is in motion should be banned as well. No phone call is that important.” — L.

“Yes, I think text messaging while driving should be illegal. It's hard enough for people to talk on the phone and drive let alone try to type and drive without getting into an accident or cutting people off.” — J.

“It is a shame that laws like this have to be made. It is common sense that you shouldn't text or do other things while you drive. I have seen people eat their breakfast cereal, read papers, apply make up, etc. while they were driving. Let make sure we ban these things also. We should just enact a stupidity law. If you are caught doing something stupid while driving it will result in a ticket.” — M.

“If a 100 percent of Americans feel we should ban text message while driving, why don't they just QUIT doing it! There are enough laws in the books for everything you do now. Just using a little bit of common sense would save tax payers monies, not having to go to Congress and the government to think up new laws to adhere to.” — Pat (Wellsville OH)

“Absolutely, it should be banned! There is no way to watch the road and the letters on the cell phone at the same time.” — N.

“Absolutely, texting while driving should be banned. If a person is texting, they are neither holding onto the steering wheel or looking at the road. It's a no brainer.” — Kris (WA)

“Yes, I think texting should be outlawed while driving. I was rear ended by a 19-year-old because she was texting her boyfriend stead of paying attention to the road. On top of that she had no insurance. Luckily no one was seriously hurt, but they could have been.” — C.

“Do we really need more laws? Things like this should be common sense, but most people don't have it.” — Tom

“This law will drain valuable resources that we all pay for in the end, so why do it? It just gives police more justification on their part to detain motorists. It has the potential to increase revenue for the municipalities, but is it infringing on freedom of speech? If communicating becomes a crime, because it is deemed to put others at risk, will we all finally shut up?” — M.

“Many of the laws in the USA are on the books just to protect us from our own stupidity. In that context this law is sorely needed. Driving is a 100 percent, full time job. Who ever thinks they can give complete concentration to their driving while sending a text message is on a road that takes them (or some other innocent person) to the graveyard.” — Sam