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I didn't know how to email Tony Snow directly. — Debbie (Chatham, VA)

Go to our "FOX & Friends" webpage, where you'll find a photo of Tony and an e-mail address. Or just as easily, click here to e-mail him directly.

Can Paige please tell me where she got her beautiful tangerine wrap dress? Thank you! — Annemarie (Tampa, FL)

Glad you like our "foxxy" fashions! That dress is made by a company by the name of Bigio. If you want to contact the manufacturer directly and get more information as to where it can be purchased, here's their phone number: (212) 719-5060, Contact person: Ludi

My family is going to New York City the week of April 1, and my daughter wants to go to "FOX & Friends" and wave at the camera. I know, with things to see and experience like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Guggenheim, Met, and Brooklyn Bridge, her biggest request is to stand in line waving at a camera. Can we do that? — Mom (Kentucky)

You can try to wave to the camera, but we can't guarantee that you'll be on-air. But remember, that sometimes our "FOX & Friends" co-hosts — Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson — do segments outdoors, depending on the weather. But if the week of April 1 is spring-like enough, maybe you'll catch them doing an outdoor event. And if they ask for volunteers, raise your hand! Hey, it's worth a shot to even ask for an autograph. What have you got to lose!

But keep in mind that the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet has a live audience weekdays, and tickets are free. All you have to do is request them online, and show up early in the morning

Just wondering why David Mac Dougall is not listed on the bio pages. I like to find out a bit about the reporters we see so often. He recently reported from Baghdad, and has a column in the FOX Fan section." — Elizabeth (Houston, TX)

David Mac Dougall is a FOX freelance reporter currently in Iraq. David has spent much of the past three years in Iraq, and has been embedded with U.S. troops on numerous occassions. Prior to becoming a journalist, David spent ten years working as a diplomat with the British Foreign Service. Since he is a freelance reporter, he will not be listed on our Bio page.

However, you were correct by saying that he recently reported from Baghdad. As a matter of fact, he was embedded in Sadr City for more than a week, and wrote about it. Here are the report and photos. Plus, you can check back on FOX Fan Central — the place to find his most recent reports when you see him on-air.

I have been trying for three months to acquire a copy of "One Nation Under God" (special by Newt Gingrich) that aired in December 2006. I tried contacts at Mr. Gingrich's office and all FOX News phone numbers I could find and to no avail has anyone been able to help me. Sending this e-mail to ask for your assistance is my last hope. Your assistance is greatly appreciated! — Bessie

I'm sorry that you have been having difficulties locating a copy of this special. The reason for this is because we do not sell copies of all of our FNC Specials. But, if you are looking to purchase an episode of War Stories with Oliver North, or some other shows for that matter, visit our FOX News Shop. Note: All "War Stories" videos are in VHS format.

I am a Fox News Channel watcher from Des Moines, Iowa. My family is going to be in New York City this summer, and I was wondering if Fox News offers studio tours. — Sean

I'm sorry! We don't do official tours here at FOX News, as we don't have tour guides on staff. But if you want to see the inside of one of our studios, why not get tickets to see the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet? It's free, and all you have to do is request them online, and show up early in the morning!

Their studio audience always goes home with a great gift, and the show is a full hour of good laughs. Click over to manage your subscription. Double-check that you're able to enter the e-mail address you listed.

Another option is to start from scratch with a completely new account and redirect our newsletters to your new address. Once you are successfully logged in you can then go to the Modify Your Profile page.

When I try to read the complete text of a story on the "Story tools Sponsored by..." blocks the first and second lines of the article. This happens on all articles. — Jack

This is caused by users adjusting their font settings. Although our site is built to adjust to font shifts, ads have a fixed height that is managed by a third party. Please try to readjust these settings (try clicking CTRL and then scrolling with your mouse) to correct the problem. If it still persists, please e-mail all issues to .

Dear FOX & Friends,
I'm e-mailing you to ask when are you going pick the name of the person to come to New York and appear on your show? — Dan (California)

Here's some information … hope this helps!

About the Sweepstakes
The FOX News Channel's Breakfast with FOX & Friends Sweepstakes started on March 5 and concluded on March 25, 2007. Any legal resident of the United States who is 18 years of age or older at the time of entry was eligible to win prizes.

What are the prizes?
One grand prize winner will receive a trip for two people to New York City. The prize consists of: Round trip coach airfare for two, standard hotel accommodations for 4 days/3 nights, an appearance on FOX & Friends, and a Palm Treo Smartphone with a one-year subscription to MobiTV®. Winners and guests will be responsible for all necessary travel authorizations and for any travel insurance. The total value of the grand prize is $5,000.

If the zip code you provide with your address matches the zip code provided by a participating cable operator, you may also be entered to win a local First Prize of a Palm Treo Smartphone with a one-year subscription to MobiTV®. The total value of the first prize is: $599.

How will I know if I've won?
The winners will be contacted by phone, email or standard mail following the random drawings sometime in the next 2-3 weeks, and it will be announced on-air. The delay involves winner verification and some other issues that have to be taken care of before we can officially announce a winner on-air. If you miss the announcement, and you'd like to know who won, just mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope by June 29, 2007 to:
Breakfast with FOX & Friends
Sweepstakes Winner List Request
PMI Station
P.O. Box 750
Southbury, CT 06488-0750

Why haven't you been updating Wendy McElroy's, Radley Balko's and Scott Norvell's columns? I find the first two to be insightful and the last to be humorous! — Martin

Well, some good news and some bad news: McElroy and Tongue Tied have ceased to write their columns, and Balko continues to write every other week. You can find these columns on our Views page

I have searched your site, and I'm sure it must be there, but I am looking for a list of all the shows on FOX News Channel. There was a program that my son and I happened to catch and we don't know the name of it or any of the people on it. It was hilarious. It was a comedy about the news. The "anchors" were so funny. Could you please send me a list of all shows on your TV station? — Linda

Great question! Go to our FNCTV Schedule page for a list of all our regular shows and for a daily rundown of what's on.

On a side note, I believe the show you were referring to was the "1/2 Hour News Hour," our news satire show. The first pilot aired on February 18, 2007, and the second on March 4, 2007. We're happy to say that broadcasts of all-new episodes will begin in April, but you will not find that show listed on our schedule page at this time. But don't get discouraged...check back soon!

I want to know how I can purchase one of those FOX News coffee cups. — John

I'll tell you what — In the FNC Diner somewhere along the old Route 66, we would have the mug they serve coffee in. And, we'd have the perfect stainless steel thermal travel mug that you can use to bring a touch of luxury to your morning cup 'o Joe. Visit our FOX News Shop to see what other wonderful gifts we have to offer.

Plus, you could get a free FOX News mug if you send us photos of your current favorite coffee mug! E-mail FOXFan your Mug Shot — chip, crack, stain, and all!

We are BIG Fans of FOX News! Will you offer more sweepstakes/contests in the future? — Bill

Of course we will! And to make sure you stay in the loop, and find out first-hand of these new sweepstakes and contests, sign up for our FOX Fan Newsletter. Don't miss out … get the best of FOX delivered right to your inbox!

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