Contact Us, Part II

Hey FOX Fans,

Thanks for sending us your questions — although we can't write back to everybody, we're going to start posting answers to some of your queries here, on If you don't find the answer to your question here, send us an e-mail!

For some reason I am not receiving the daily blog from Greta. I have tried to register again but cannot because it comes up and says, "You must choose version blah, blah, blah." I select it and hit "submit," but it keeps saying I must choose a version of "blah, blah," and I can't get registered. — Edith (Springfield, MO)

Hi Edith,

Greta is on a bit of a hiatus from her blog. As I'm sure you know, she's a very busy lady, and she needed to take some time away from writing. But don't worry, she'll be starting up again soon, and when she does, the GretaWire will show up in your inbox as usual!

Could you please tell my why Lauren Green is not on "FOX & Friends" anymore? I've missed her in the past few weeks? — Amber (Milwaukee, WI)

Hi Amber,

Don't worry, Lauren hasn't left FOX News, but she does have a new assignment! Lauren is now the religion correspondent for FNC, and soon you'll see her reporting on segments to do with faith and spirituality.

Read all about it in her updated bio.

I am trying to register in the FOX Fan section of your website, but cannot find the registration section. I've done all of the things your FAQ section told me to (cookies enabled, pop-up blocker off, javascript enabled) but the only pop-ups I get are actual ads. I've never seen any registration or login window.

What am I doing wrong? — Josh (Onaway, MI)

Hi Josh,

Registering to be a FOX Fan is easy, and it lets you sign up for our various daily blogs, newsletters, breaking news alerts, podcasts, and more.

Just go to the registration page here and follow the instructions. Make sure you provide a "yes" or "no" for each option, and you'll be all set.

If I am in the NYC area, do you guys and gals provide tours of your facility? THAT WOULD BE COOL. If you don't, you should.

Thanks, faithful TV watcher, — Christopher (Knoxville, TN)

Hi Christopher,

At this time, FNC is not set up to provide tours, however, if you want to see one of our many studios and get a great live TV experience, why not get tickets to see the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet? It's free, and all you have to do is request them online, and show up early in the morning!

Their studio audience always goes home with a great gift, and the show is a full hour of good laughs. Get more info on the M&J website.

Where is the beautiful and charming E.D. Hill? We miss her. — Catherine & Paul (Millsboro, DE)

Hi Catherine and Paul,

We love E.D. too! She now anchors an hour of FOX News Live from 11am to noon (ET), and you can also catch her hosting FNC specials on the weekends. To make sure you know ahead of time when she's hosting, sign up for the FOX Fan Scoop — we'll make sure you stay in the loop!

I can't find photos on of correspondents, reporters, hosts/hostesses and guest commentators. Do you have a page or a link to such photos? I'm a true FOX News Fan, as I listen on the XM satellite radio in my car while I drive, and thus don't always get to "see" who's on air at the moment. I was searching (at the moment) for the photo of Courtney Friel who was, I take it, a guest host on the Sunday morning show. — Frank (Tallahassee, FL)

Hi Frank,

Thanks for listening on the radio, and if you want to see what those people offering the great reports look like, check out the bios page.

Courtney Friel is actually one of the newest members of the FOX News family — she now co-hosts "FOX & Friends" on the weekends.

Got a question? Don't hold back — write to us at and we'll try to answer it!