At least 4 Dead After Airplane Crashes in Alaska

Authorities say four people are dead after a small plane crashed just outside of downtown Sitka yesterday afternoon.

The plane was arriving from Victoria, British Columbia, when it crashed into a house about a block from an area where tourists were milling around the downtown area.

Tess Heyburn followed others running toward the crash site and saw the plane had hit her home.

"At first there wasn't much smoke," she said. "Then it erupted into smoke and flames. I think plane just sailed through the house."

The crash occurred just before one o'clock this afternoon. Investigators say there are no reports of injuries on the ground.

By last night, firefighters and rescuers still have not been able to get to the plane safely.

Sitka Police Lt. Barry Allen says the fire is contained to the house. But it's just not a safe scene yet, preventing them from finding anyone.