Ashes of Man's Wife Recovered After New Wife Sells Them at Garage Sale

An Elmira, N.Y., man has the ashes of his first wife back Tuesday after his new wife accidentally sold them at a garage sale over the weekend, the Star-Gazette reports.

Anita Lewis found the ceramic turtle containing the ashes of her husband's previous wife at a nearby Salvation Army Thrift Shop after the Star-Gazette received a tip about their whereabouts, the paper reports.

Anita Lewis accidently sold the ceramic turtle for 50 cents on Saturday. Her husband, Terrence, told her they contained the ashes of his first wife, Marcia, only after she sold the container.

The buyer had said she planned to use the urn as a cookie jar.

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Anita Lewis said she had hauled items into her yard early Saturday while her husband slept. The buyer quickly selected the large turtle container, despite being unable to get the lid open.

Her husband's previous wife collected turtles.

"We have lots of turtles," Anita Lewis said. "It didn't even register that this was the one [containing the ashes]."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.