Surviving a Car Drowning — Would You Know What to Do?

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• Video: Air Force survival tips

Here's what I didn't know before the tragic bridge collapse in Minnesota: a car's electrical systems can work for a short time even when submerged — meaning you can open a window if its electric.

Also, I didn't know that climbing into the back seat affords you extra air and time to escape, because the engine and front of the car sink first. I also wasn't aware that the corner of a driver's or passenger's window — not the windshield, which is generally shatterproof in newer models — is the easiest place to break a window and escape.

• Video: Air Force survival tips

Like many of you, I watched video of the bridge collapse as the story broke and stopped and wondered if I would know what to do, or even be able to react quick enough, to save my life. Some who survived made split-second decisions, such as pulling on the emergency brake just a few feet from where the bridge literally broke apart, or getting dozens of kids out the back door of a school bus, just a few yards from a flaming tanker.

There is one heroic story after another as divers continue their efforts to work through the murky waters and deadly current to find bodies of lost love ones and any clue as to why this happened.

I turned to Ross McFayden, a former Air Force survival trainer, to learn how to get out of a car and avoid drowning.

I'm investing in one of the punch devices he recommends. It will sit in the glove box of my car, and will hopefully stay there forever.

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