Democrats' 180 on Bush's Secret Wiretapping Program

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Remember the impeach Bush movement?

John Conyers, the Democrat from Michigan, was going to open hearings into a basket-load of Bush offenses. Principle among them was that Bush had violated the Constitution by secretly establishing the terrorist security program. This was the secret mission of the National Security Agency to listen to phone conversations between America and certain foreign countries where certain terrorists are known to be from.

Oh my lord, the hue and cry that went up about that. It was the foundation for all Bush offenses, even topping the war. After all, wars are things that presidents do get involved in, and even though Democrats and leftists — and later independents and even Republicans — blamed Bush for the reasons for going to war and the way it was conducted, it hardly seemed an impeachable offense.

On the other hand, violating the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution when the president had sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, well, now we were in the very wheelhouse of an impeachment prosecutor. Leading Democrats railed against Bush, called him the worst ever, stopped short of suggesting he resign only because they feared Cheney more.

So now, what happens last Friday and Saturday?

The Democrats in the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives voted to make legal everything Bush's secret NSA program was up to and more. Every bit of the so-called violation of Americans' constitutional rights was made legal by a vote of Democrats, the very people who got elected decrying and condemning Bush's so-called trampling of the Constitution.

Where's that impeachment talk now? Where are the people demanding he live up to an antiquated FISA law?

They just voted to let this president ignore all that red tape of the FISA system.

Boom! What was illegal is now legal. And the very people who condemned Bush for doing it have now, with their vote, admitted wiretapping keeps Americans safe, just as Bush said.

Did I mention that sometimes politicians are truly despicable?

That's My Word.

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