Police Detain 19 in Morning Raids at Muslim Bakery That Was Written About by Slain Oakland Editor

Police conducted a series of raids early Friday, including one at a Black Muslim-run bakery that was the subject of coverage by a journalist slain in a brazen shooting a day earlier.

Oakland Deputy Police Chief Howard Jordan said 19 people were detained in the pre-dawn raids at Your Black Muslim Bakery and three other locations, which he called part of a yearlong investigation into several violent crimes, including "murder, robbery and kidnapping." He did not identify the other locations.

He would not say whether the raids were related to the shooting of journalist Chauncey Bailey, who was killed near the Alameda County courthouse in downtown Oakland Thursday.

Jordan scheduled a news conference for later in the day.

Bailey was editor of the Oakland Post, a weekly newspaper geared toward the Bay Area black community, and a longtime reporter for the Oakland Tribune. He had written stories about the bakery and its owners' previous legal problems, and he had been researching a new investigative piece about Your Black Muslim Bakery, Post Publisher Paul Cobb told KTVU-TV. Cobb did not immediately return a call from The Associated Press.

Television stations reported that S.W.A.T. team negotiators and various high-ranking police officials were at the bakery to oversee the operation.

The late Yusuf Bey founded Your Black Muslim Bakery in 1968 as a haven for struggling urban families. It sells natural baked goods alongside books by Malcolm X and other black leaders.

Bey was charged with rape in Alameda County. Most of those charges were later dropped, and one was pending when he died in 2003.

More recently, Bey's son and other men were identified by police as the young toughs who bashed liquor bottles in Oakland corner stores and berated the Muslim owners for selling alcohol to the black community.