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Question 1: A Florida mom is facing child neglect charges. If convicted Whitlene Loussaint could face a $500 fine and 60 days in prison. What prompted the charges?

A. She left her child home alone
B. She left her child alone in an idling car, which was then stolen
C.She failed to get her child proper medical attention after a fall that caused a concussion
D. She forgot to pick her child up from day care

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Question 2: Dr. Seuss books have been a favorite of children for decades. Which Dr. Seuss book is celebrating its 50 anniversary?

A. Green Eggs and Ham
B. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
C. Hop on Pop
D. The Cat in the Hat

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Question 3: A Minneapolis bridge collapsed on Wednesday, falling more than 60 feet into the Mississippi River, killing several people and injuring many. How often was the bridge inspected?

A. Every six months
B. Every year
C. Every other year
D. Every five years

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Question 4: Police arrived at a Phoenix, AZ home Sunday to find a 3-year-old being choked by her grandfather and the child’s unclothed mother covered in blood. What did the relative that called police claim happened?

A. An exorcism was performed
B. The grandfather was abusive
C. The family was participating in a cult ritual
D. The mother was mentally ill

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Question 5: The owner of an Atlanta car dealership has been charged with two counts of murder after being accused of shooting two employees. Why did the man reportedly shoot his employees?

A. They were late to work
B. They asked for a raise
C. They threatened to tell his wife he was having an affair
D. They were embezzling money from the business

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(Bossier City Police Dept.)

Question 6: The missing wife of an Alabama minister was found Monday unharmed and living under an alias. Where did police locate Mary Byrne Smith?

A. Louisiana
B. New York
C. California
D. Florida

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Question 7: Chief Justice John Roberts was released from the hospital Tuesday. Why was Roberts hospitalized?

A. He was attacked
B. He was in a car accident
C. He had a heart attack
D. He had a seizure

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Question 8: A new study contradicts the accepted principle that a long-term smoking habit is necessary to become addicted to nicotine. According to the study how long does it take young smokers to become addicted?

A. Two days
B. One week
C. One month
D. Six months

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Question 9: Canadian researchers announced Tuesday that new DNA testing has identified the remains of a nameless 19-month-old boy decades after his death. The previously undefined child died tragically and served as a symbol of all children who died alongside him. What historic tragedy claimed the life of the boy?

A. The Hindenburg explosion
B. The sinking of the Titanic
C. The World War II bombing of London
D. The 1918 influenza pandemic

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Question 10: A Tennessee man was listed in critical condition Wednesday after being shot in the back. What bizarre incident wounded the man?

A. He was mowing the lawn and was struck by a stray bullet
B. His girlfriend dropped his gun, which fired
C. His dog knocked his gun off the end table causing it to fire
D. A gun discharged in the parking lot of a shooting range

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BONUS Question: Wednesday, Barbara Walters announced a new addition to the cast of “The View.” Who will be replacing Rosie O’Donnell as the show’s moderator?

A. Kathy Griffin
B. Sherri Shepherd
C. Victoria Beckham
D. Whoopi Goldberg

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