Fox Features 2007

January 2007

In Age of Reality TV and YouTube, Show Biz Tries to Find Itself -- Again

Red-Carpet Remedies: It's Nip-Tuck Time in Hollywood

From Dishwashing to Donuts, Stars Punched Clocks 'Before They Were Famous'

Gene Simmons, Carlos Santana, Charlie Sheen Make Unlikely Designers

Some Oscar Buzz 'Not Worth the Blog It's Written In'

February 2007

Stars Take Miami for Super Bowl Weekend

Bye Bye, Hair! Hello, Turban Chic

Valentine's Day Lingerie Is Sugar, Spice and Everything Not-So Nice

The 10 Most Spectacularly Awful Gifts You Can Give Your Girlfriend for Valentine's Day

Heading to Hollywood? Keep a Close Eye on Your Guy

Scientology Called 'the Kabbalah of 2007' ... but Will Hollywood Really Convert?

March 2007

Celebrity Budgets Exposed: Stars Who Scrimp and Scrooge

Toy Fair 2007: Barbie, Elmo, Dora Make New Friends

From Halle to Angelina, Famous Body Parts in Demand

Fame-o-Phobia: What Scares the Stars?

From Halle to Angelina, Famous Body Parts in Demand

Fall Fashion Preview: Ladylike Luxe

The Minidress Is Back ... If You've Got the Legs for It

April 2007

Hollywood’s Hottest Accessory: The Big Coffee Cup

How to Befriend the Famous

From Butt Facials to Caviar Pedicures: Top 7 Weird Spa Treatments

MySpace Stars: Is Your Celebrity 'Friend' a Famous Fake?

From Professional Sleeper to Ice-Cream Tester: Find Your Calling With a Crazy Career

May 2007

Why the 10 Top Summer Blockbusters of 2007 Could Flop

'Pirates' May Keelhaul 'Spider-Man' in 'Summer of the Threes'

Is a Star's Smile Worth the Stress for Charities?

Mother and Daughter-in-Law Day at the Spa: A Tale of Two Opposites

Mother's Day Gifts a Go-Go: A Guide for Every Mom

To Have and to Hold: How Stars Stay Happily Hitched

June 2007

Celebs Do It, We Do It, but How Much Should You Change for Love?

Mr. and Mrs. Mom and Dad: What to Call the In-Laws

I Don't: Movie, TV Characters Prone to Pre-Nuptial Cold Feet

Father's Day Gift Guide: Thinking Outside the Boxers

Actress Makes Big Waves on the Net With 'Fat Rant' Video

Summer's Fatal Attraction: Sex … Behind Your Partner's Back

Father Knows Best: 10 Life Lessons From TV Dads

Should People Settle in Marriage? TV's 'Bachelorette' Jen Schefft Weighs In

Because Mom Said So: Are Arranged Marriages the Next Big Trend?

July 2007

The Hamburger Goes High-End

From Camel Wrestling to Cheese Chasing: Strange Sports on the Rise

August 2007

Life's an (Expensive) Day at the Beach for the Rich and Fabulous