Coming Up on FOX News Sunday: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Mideast Peace Talks

August 5, 2007

Our guests this week include:
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
Michael E. O'Hanlon, of The Brookings Institution

Kenneth M. Pollack, of The Brookings Institution
Robin Givhan, Washington Post Fashion Critic

This week: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has just returned from her four-day tour of the Middle East. While there she attempted to lay the groundwork for further progress toward the creation of a Palestinian state. What comes next in the Middle East peace process? Are Iraq's neighbors helping or hurting efforts to achieve stability in Iraq? Can we expect Pakistan to rid itself of the Al Qaeda terrorists hiding along its border? I'll ask Sec. Rice to preview this fall's peace talks in the Middle East and to judge the level of stability in Iraq.

Also, Michael O'Hanlon and Ken Pollack of The Brookings Institution think the U.S. is finally seeing some progress in Iraq. They've often criticized the administration's strategy, but they recently toured Iraq and now say the military efforts should be sustained. I'll ask these former critics about what they saw in Iraq and how long they think the surge should go on.

Plus, are Democrats in Congress blaming the Minnesota bridge collapse on the Bush administration?

Joining us for a spirited discussion will be our power panel:

Nina Easton, Fortune Magazine & Fox News
Charles Krauthammer, Syndicated Columnist
Juan Williams, National Public Radio
Bill Kristol , Weekly Standard and & Fox News

Our Power Player this week is Washington Post Fashion Critic Robin Givhan. Her recent column on Sen. Hillary Clinton's fashion drew a lot of attention. I'll talk to the Pulitzer Prize-winning fashion critic.

Check your local listings and we'll see you on the next FOX News Sunday,

Chris Wallace