Congressmen Face Off on House Floor

Two congressmen from different sides of the party divide almost came to blows during a heated debate on the House Floor Tuesday, according to a published report.

Illinois Democratic Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. challenged Nebraska GOP Rep. Lee Terry to a fight after the two were locked in verbal sparring match, said the Omaha World-Herald Web site.

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The argument reportedly began after Jackson said Republicans couldn't be trusted after a contentious floor debate on a child health insurance bill that passed Wednesday to which Terry told the son of the civil right leader to "shut up" according to the report.

Terry told the World-Herald that he declined the request and preferred to keep the matter verbal rather than phycially engage Jackson, a martial arts expert.

Democratic Rep. Steve Rothman of N.J., helped de-escalate the standoff by urging the two to go their separate ways. The dueling congressmen met again on the floor next day and reconiciled their differences.

"We're all big boys," Terry said. "We shook hands and said it's all forgotten and behind us now."