Indian Elephant Electrocuted After Wandering Into Live Wire in Search of Food

An elephant was electrocuted Wednesday in a north Bengal tea garden after it touched a live wire with its trunk, forest officials told the Indo-Asian News Service.

A herd of 15 to 20 elephants wandered into the tea garden at Jalpaiguri's Malbazar, about 370 miles from Kolkata, looking for food, when one that strayed from the herd felt a live wire with its trunk and died instantly, reported the news service.

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The elephant's body will be examined to confirm the cause of death, officials told the news service.

About a week ago, an elephant's body was found in the same forest after it had been killed by poachers, reported the IANS.

Three days later, a 4-year-old elephant calf was knocked down by a train in the Gulma Forest Range. In the last two years, eleven elephants have been killed by trains in north Bengal.

According to the IANS, elephants usually take the forest corridor from Mechi in Nepal to Sankosh in Assam, but on the way they often stray into villages and tea gardens in search of food.