Connecticut Neighborhood Infested With Flies

People living in the Moosup section of town might feel they are in the middle of a creepy scene from a horror movie involving the infestation of hundreds of thousand of flies.

The flies, which have turned up in the Winthrop Drive area, have made their way into locked cars, storage sheds, toys and tools.

"I came out to water the plants and there were flies all over my husband's car, then mine," Larisa Colantonio said Monday. "We opened up the doors to the cars and there were swarms."

The district health department and the Department of Agriculture were working together to pinpoint the source of the massive fly invasion.

Although the health department said a farmer in the area recently spread manure on his property, it was not clear whether that was the source of the flies.

Another expert, Linda Colangelo of the Northeast District Department of Health, said there is not much that can be done, but wait.

"Unfortunately, once the flies have hatched, there's really nothing that can be done about the thousands of flies hatched, just personal prevention," Colangelo said. "Eventually they'll die, but that doesn't help any of these people now."

A similar incident in the same area occurred in 2002. At that time, the state Department of Agriculture found the problem stemmed from the use of poultry manure spread on a 275-acre farm. Poultry manure is known to contain fly larvae, which can lead to an outbreak.