Tinseltown to Put Pigeons on the Pill

Hollywood has found a humane way to reduce the pigeon population and the mess the comes with it — birth control.

Community leaders devised the pilot program to deal with the approximately 5,000 pigeons and their unmanageable "poop problem." The birth control product will be added to feeders to hinder egg development.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals approve of the plan.

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

“It's a great idea that Hollywood pigeons should be on the pill, starting with their Pop-Tarts” — Fred (Oakland, CA)

“If Hollywood has its way, it would put the whole world on contraceptives. However, in the case of getting rid of the pigeon nuisance, I think contraception is a very good idea.” — Mark (Wisconsin)

“Put the pigeons on the pill.” — Ceya

“Anyone in the country wouldn’t be allowed to ‘control’ animal populations on their own property if they deem it to be ‘nuisance,’ but the all pretty people in Hollywood should never be subjected to the ravages of bird excrement. Who is actually surprised by this?” — Edward

“So how do you keep other good birds from eating this birth control food? Or is it a magical feeder that just feeds pigeons?” — Tim

“Ha! Reminds me of when a similar scheme was tried out in the San Francisco Bay Area when birth control implants were attempted on the deer on Angel Island. Didn't work. But still, I see no reason why the pigeon problem in LA couldn't be handled that way.“ — Timothy (Fort Collins, CO)

“Yes, I think Hollywood should put their pigeons on birth control.” — Truman

“Squab is good! Just authorize traps and the problem will disappear.” — Terry

“Hollywood personal should take the birth control pill. Leave the pigeons alone. The pigeons don't drive drunk on the highways (Paris Hilton) or do drugs.” — Edith

“Definitely YES, put those birds on the pill!” — Lou

”Birth control for pigeons sounds good to me! If it's good enough for us people, it's good enough for pigeons, and all other birds.” — EM (Texas)

“Take care of two problems, put squab on the menu and feed the homeless.” — Clif

“Not if it would make pigeons extinct! Otherwise, great idea.” — Jan

“Absolutely! I relocated from Los Angeles to San Francisco about five years ago and the problem with pigeons is just as bad in SF as it is in Los Angeles; here in SF we call them flying rats. I certainly hope that SF adopts the same plan of action as LA. The pigeon population is out of control everywhere, so yes, birth control is a good solution.” — Melinda