Florida Mom Faces Neglect Charges After Thieves Steal Car With Baby Inside

Thieves stole her car and her baby, but now one Orlando mother is facing charges in the case.

Family members told MyFoxOrlando.com that Whitlene Loussaint had just returned from attending church in the pouring rain and left her 2-month-old son in the back of her idling car while she went inside to fetch an umbrella. When she returned moments later, her car was gone from her driveway. Loussaint frantically called police.

Cops spotted Loussaint's silver Pontiac in the middle of the road just blocks from where it had been stolen — driver's side and passenger doors thrown wide open. The baby was unharmed.

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"[He was] just sitting there like [he] just woke up and I returned the child over to some family members, " Officer Noah Pruitt of the Orlando Police Department said.

Police searched the area but said they have no suspects, no description and no witnesses. But it is Loussaint who now faces charges under a new Florida law that went into effect on July 1.

New regulations signed into law by Florida Gov. Charlie Crist last month make it a second-degree misdemeanor to leave a child under the age of 6 alone in a vehicle for more than 15 minutes, but it is illegal to leave a child in a running car for any amount of time. Loussaint may be the first person prosecuted under the measure and faces 60 days in jail and a $500 fine if convicted.

Her family says they were just relieved that no harm came to the boy.

"Anyone that can do this in broad daylight … imagine what else they are capable of," Loussaint's sister said.