Fast Facts: Tom Snyder

Tom Snyder, a long-time late-night talk-show host, died Sunday from complications from leukemia. The following are facts about his life and career:

Age: 71.

Died: July 29 in San Francisco.

Survived by his daughter and longtime girlfriend, who live in the Bay Area.


— Began as radio reporter in Milwaukee in the 1960s.

— Anchored local TV newscasts in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

— In 1966, pioneered a morning talk show called "Contact" in Philadelphia.

— In 1972, began hosting "The Tomorrow Show," (followed "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson).

— Among his guests were John Lennon, Charles Manson and Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols.

— Known for improvised, casual style, robust laughter and swirls of cigarette smoke.

— Catch phrase: "Fire up a colortini, sit back, relax, and watch the pictures, now, as they fly through the air."

— Dan Aykroyd lampooned him in the early days of "Saturday Night Live."

— In 1995, began hosting "The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder" on CBS. (The program followed David Letterman's "Late Show" until 1998, when he was replaced by Craig Kilborn).