Pop Tarts: Posh & Becks Swindle Party Place From Newlyweds

It seems David and Victoria Beckham know what they want, what they really really want — and they are willing to pay for it, even if it means buying out someone else's wedding.

Just before leaving London for L.A., the British babes decided they wanted to party, but their “Posh” place of choice in London had already been booked months ago for a wedding reception.

So the Becks decided to spice up the situation. According to an insider, a rep for the pair persistently phoned the pre-wedding couple to bully them out of the booking.

“The Beckhams' rep continued to offer extra incentives to persuade them to give up the venue,” the source splurged to FOXNews.com. “But the wedding couple really wanted to hold their reception there and weren’t prepared to back down.”

However, the couple caved when the Beckhams offered a brand new Mini Cooper as well as an offer to pay for their entire wedding and mortgage.

As for Vic’s dud documentary, apparently she has been misrepresented.

“Victoria is actually very smart and witty,” said another insider close to the Beckhams. “She is full of personality and charisma that the show doesn’t portray.”

David, however, dives beneath the limelight.

“He’s really, really shy but the move to L.A will bring him out of his shell,” said the source. “He eventually wants to move into acting so he’ll have to overcome his timidness.”

And perhaps the soccer star is a little overprotective when it comes to his sons.

“He’s crazy about protecting them from paparazzi,” added the source. “They aren’t allowed to even hang out with other kids, which puts a strain on the family.”

Duff Gets Pucky

Perhaps Hilary Duff has finally found “The Perfect Man” in New York Islanders hockey hottie Mike Comrie.

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The comely couple wined and dined Wednesday night at Santa Monica’s Giorgio Baldi restaurant and according to TMZ.com, they have been romantically rendezvousing since last weekend.

An eyewitness at the restaurant confirmed that the couple appeared to be on a dinner date, adding that the pop princess was smiling sweetly all evening.

But 26-year-old Comrie isn’t the only hunk Hil’s has been spotted with in recent weeks. Just a few days ago, Duff was linked to musician Frankie Delgado, but refused to comment on whether they were more than just pals…

Why Won’t Christina Confirm?

Even though her father has reportedly already spilled the beans, it seems Christina Aguilera still isn’t ready to bring out her “Voice Within” and admit that she's moving into motherhood.

The pop princess has been showing off a distinct baby bump while on her “Back to Basics” tour in Australia, yet her publicity posse remains tight-lipped when it comes to commenting on the budding belly.

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Xtina’s reps, however, squashed speculation that the star has signed an exclusive deal with a magazine to announce her expectancy.

“It’s not true, nothing has been announced,” said a spokesperson.

FOXNews.com has also learned that Aguilera will only speak to journalists who promise not to say the “Dirrrty” word: pregnancy.

The sexy star has also been keeping a low profile Down Under when away from the stage by blacking out all windows in her hotel room to push out any peeping paps.

Aguilera and hubby Jordan Bratman did, however, make an emergency stop to a Sydney Krispy Kreme store to counter Chris’ cravings.

“They came by in their limo and bought coffees and a box of donuts,” said a worker.

Paris Hilton Spotted With Mischa Barton's Ex

Just weeks after Paris Hilton told the world that she was a reformed good girl, the hotel heiress seems to have added numerous names to her kiss list.

On Tuesday evening, Paris was spotted by a TMZ.com tattler at an L.A. karaoke bar getting kissy and cuddly with Mischa Barton’s ex Cisco Adler. The rocker reportedly followed the reality star back to her rented beach abode.

A rep for Hilton confirmed that the couple hit the town together.

However, her love life isn’t quite so “Simple” as it was just days ago, when Australian fashionista Tyler Atkins and Hilton were caught getting mushy in Malibu. Reps for the 21-year-old beach boy even confirmed the romantic relationship.

“Tyler is really into her,” said an Atkins pal. “But perhaps Paris has lost interest.”

Hilton’s rep insists that the two were never an item. But while she might be on a boy bender, she has made some positive changes with a string of charity appearances.

“Paris said that when she was in jail she had a lot of time to reflect on what's important — and that she intended to devote more of her time to charity work and helping those in need and that is what she has been doing,” said her spokesperson.

Jessica Alba Single Again?

Jessica Alba is apparently swinging single after two years with Cash Warren.

According to an US Weekly snitch, the out-of-the-blue breakup was done over the phone with a “devastated” Warren believing his former flame is after another guy.

And she may be the hottest of the hotties in Hollywood, but rampant rumors that Alba is happy to strip down “for the right role” have been nixed.

According to her rep, for the “Fantastic Four” flame will not be flesh-flashing now or in the future.

Hoff Spotted at 'Simpsons' Premiere

The daughters of “Baywatch” badboy David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff didn't look so enthused to be on the yellow carpet when FOXNews.com spotted the family at Tuesday’s “The Simpsons Movie” premiere.

The girls trailed behind their father, who didn't look so good either.

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Smooching Saga: Sandler and James Accidentally Lock Lips

They may have had to get close and cuddly for their latest movie “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry," but it seems the stars Adam Sandler and Kevin James shared an uncomfortable moment while filming.

“It was the end of the shot and the director was slow to call cut,” an on-set insider splurged. “They locked lips for a few seconds.”

But the boys were unaffected and proceeded “just to laugh about it."

Kevin Federline Going for Full Custody of Britney's Kids?

Britney Spears' increasingly bizarre behavior may result in her baby boys being taken to Daddy’s house for good.

According to blogger Perez Hilton, Spears' soon-to-be-ex hubby, Kevin Federline, spent Saturday with his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, to sort out a master plan to snag full custody of Jayden James and Sean Preston.

The legal team is reportedly in the process of redrafting the divorce settlement to include the latest Spears sagas, such as her recent meltdown at an OK! Magazine photo shoot.

Reports are running rampant that Fed-Ex even has Britney's estranged mama, Lynne, sister, Jamie Lynn, and cousin/former assistant, Alli, on his side.

“Alli gave specific instances where Brit couldn’t handle having the kids. Kevin was angry at Britney for putting his kids in jeopardy and immediately phoned his lawyer to investigate the claims further,” an insider told OK! “He couldn’t believe she had gotten so out of control.”

Meanwhile, editor-in-chief Sarah Ivens had more to say about Spears' crazy behavior at the now-infamous photo shoot with OK! Magazine.

"I've never seen anything like it," Ivens told The Associated Press in a phone interview Wednesday. "It's definitely the most bizarre shoot I've ever been on."

Representatives for Spears had offered an exclusive interview that was intended as career comeback for the 25-year-old pop singer, Ivens said.

"What actually transpired on the day was a shock to us and left me and the whole crew feeling quite shocked and sad, really," she said.

During the shoot, Spears wiped grease on a designer dress, treating it like "a napkin," said Ivens, and sat back and watched as her Yorkshire terrier puppy defecated on a $6,700 designer gown.

"I wasn't in the room but I was there to hear the upset shrieks of the stylist," Ivens said. "Her assistant dealt with it in the end, after being asked to take care of it. They had to be asked to clear it up."

Spears took frequent trips to the bathroom — leaving the door open — and complained that the high-end clothing put together for the July 19 shoot wasn't sexy, short or tight enough, the magazine said.

After about three hours, Spears bolted before the shoot was over, walking away with more than $14,000 of borrowed apparel, Ivens said.

OK! publicist Brian Strong said the magazine didn't publish the photos in its latest issue because they "weren't up to standard."

No Cop Cobble: Lindsay Lohan Super-Sweet in Slammer

Troubled star Lindsay Lohan may have frightened the mother of her former assistant with her aggressive car chasing, but the “Mean Girl” was nothing but sweet to the Santa Monica cops who took her in.

Lindsay was arrested at 1:25 a.m. on Tuesday morning on charges of DUI, substance possession and driving with a revoked license.

“Lindsay was very cooperative, followed directions and wasn’t aggressive or resistant,” said Lt. Alex Padilla of the Santa Monica Police Department. “She spent four hours in the cell before bailing out for $25,000.”

Padilla added that Li-Lo’s mom didn’t come to collect her distressed daughter.

Speaking to "Access Hollywood," Lindsay’s estranged father, Michael Lohan, took some blame for his daughter’s disaster.

“I put myself in the position of acting out in the wrong way. I wound up in jail. I was arrested,” he said. “It's unfortunate Lindsay is experiencing what I did.”

A source close to Li-Lo said the 21-year-old wants to be back to her happy and healthy self, but jail or rehab will only make her problems worse.

“Lindsay is a really talented, good-hearted girl,” said the insider who has befriended the star for several years. “What’s happened to her is devastating.”

Who Has the Sweetest TV Salary?

Oprah Winfrey is still the top talker with her sassy sum of $260 million per year, but she isn’t the only star who can make ends meet a little better than the average person.

It also pays to be a little nasty. "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell pockets $45 million, while "Judge Judy" Sheindlin’s bank account is bumped up $30 million per year.

“Nastiness has become part of their persona and added to their appeal,” TV Guide writer Ali Gazan told FOXNews.com. “People have come to expect that from them. But this style certainly doesn’t work for all TV personalities.”

Rounding out the top five highest-paid TV personalities are "CBS Evening News" anchor Katie Couric, with $15 million, and "Scrubs" star Zach Braff, with $6.3 million.

According to TV Guide, prime-time Tinseltowner William Peterson of "CSI" earns $500,000 an episode, followed by "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen’s $350,000.

When it comes to female fortunes, Mariska Hargitay of "Law and Order" is paid $350,000 for her screen time, while "New Adventures of Old Christine" star Julia Louis-Dreyfus makes a tidy $225,000 an episode.

“They may not be equal to their male counterparts yet, but actress salaries are on the way up,” Gazan said. “It’s happening slowly but steadily.”

Eva Longoria isn’t too "Desperate" for cash, either. She reportedly receives $200,000 for her weekly whirl on Wisteria Lane.

Boy 'Breakaway': Kelly Clarkson Can’t Kiss?

She might be happy to open her mouth for vocals, but Kelly Clarkson is not too inspired when it comes to lip-locking.

"I have major trust issues. I don't make out with people,” she confessed to Blender magazine. “That's a waste of my kisses and my time. And it's so personal — it's, like, my face. Plus I'm afraid of mouth herpes!"

The germ-concerned pop princess also confessed to a little confrontation with cannabis.

“I have eaten a marijuana cookie. It was in Amsterdam. It is legal there, and it is not legal in America,” the original ‘Idol’ added. “I don't ever do anything illegal at home. Since then I have been oregano-free!"

Britney Spears Reportedly Breaks Down in Magazine Interview

Britney Spears' interview with OK! Magazine was a borderline breakdown, and the photos were so terrible that not even Photoshop can be of any assistance.

"OK! Magazine spent a heartbreaking day with Britney Spears and witnessed firsthand an emotional cry for help that will leave you shocked and sad. This week, on newsstands Friday, the truth will be told," editor-in-chief Sara Ivens told TMZ.com.

Oddly, the interview appears to have been Britney's idea. Spears reportedly called OK! Magazine and requested to speak with Ivens. The single mom then reportedly negotiated a tell-all deal to dish the dirt on her baby boys and her distressing divorce.

Multiple sources told TMZ Britney's behavior during the interview was "nothing less than a meltdown" and that she was "completely out of it" during the shoot. The photos are "so bad" that to publish them could "kill her career."

Apparently, Britney's eyes rolled back in her head at one point, causing her to look half dead, TMZ reports. She took frequent bathroom breaks and each time she returned her mood would change. She was also paranoid during the entire interview, fearing at one point the ceiling was about to cave in on her, the Web site said.

Britney also reportedly ate fried chicken on the set — then wiped her hands on a several-thousand-dollar Gucci dress that she was wearing for the shoot, staining it with grease.

TMZ also reported that her dog had an accident all over the floor, and Brit used a Chanel dress to clean it up.

Paris' New Squeeze

Paris Hilton has been canoodling with Aussie fishing fashionista Tyler Atkins, who referred to her as “smart” and “amazing” in an interview with WHO magazine.

“He thinks she’s really cool and down-to-earth,” said an insider close to Tyler. “There’s a lot more to Paris than what meets the eye.”

Jen & Ben: Farming a Family?

Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and baby Violet spent their sunny Sunday at The Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles. The three played happy family wandering around the gorgeous Grove and sparking a parade of paparazzi.

Despite pregnancy rumors running rampant around the “Alias” star, Jen looked particularly thin in her white top and jeans.

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But out to lunch in Brentwood on Friday, Garner seemed to have a belly bump.

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