Police Artist Backs Claim That Texas Man is ‘Kissing Sailor’

No one believed Glenn McDuffie when he claimed to be a smooching sailor in a famous photo 62 years ago. Today, the Texas man has enlisted the help of a police sketch artist to vouch for him.

And she has.

"His face, his nose, his eye brow shape, his hairline, his hair texture - it all lines up,” famed forensic artist Lois Gibson told FOX 26 News in Houston.

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Gibson’s opinion is a strong one, considering that her work has helped Houston Police solve over 100 crimes. She has also been featured in Oprah's magazine, People magazine, and the Guinness Book of World Records, MyFoxHouston.com reported.

“It's time somebody told the truth about it,” McDuffie said of the classic black and white photo, a symbol of relief at the conclusion of World War II.

McDuffie’s claim would be news to several other ex-sailors who also say they’re the amorous swabbie.