One Look, Three Ways: Leggings

Want to get a leg up on this year's hottest style? Leggings continue to be a must have, and perfect for every season. I put together three summer looks that let you wear the same pair for work, weekend and a night out.

Juicy Couture leggings $78

Legging Basics

Too hot for summer? No way. Leggings are perfect for air-conditioned offices and cool summer nights. What has made this style a wardrobe staple this year is their versatility and the fact that when worn right, they work on every body type. And they're not only stylish but comfortable.

If you're buying just one pair, go with black, but if you love the look try white. I know what you're thinking — what could be less flattering than the favorite style of eighties hair bands and Jane Fonda workouts. Well, try under a cute dress with espadrilles to avoid feeling frumpy and to take this look into the right decade. Finally, if you're short, wear your leggings longer because a capri is going to cut your legs in half and make you look even shorter.

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Guess what? Leggings CAN work at the office. The key is to pair the casual style with something more conservative. Try layering leggings under a day dress with a flat or classic heel.

Juicy Couture Leggings $78
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The best benefit when wearing leggings is comfort! Look for cotton/lycra blends, and avoid nylon that may pinch at your waist. For summer, try wearing underneath a loose top with flats and if you're weary about your waist, butt or thighs, wear a longer top to disguise your not-so-favorite parts.

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What's sexier than hot pants on a hot night? Toss on a high heel with a loose fitting tank that drapes nicely over your body. Why a loose fitted tank? Well I always say proportion is key! So if you're wearing a tight bottom, wear a loose top and vice versa.

Juicy Couture Leggings $78
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Style Staple

Snag yourself a pair of leggings, because they'll be alive and kicking for the next few seasons. Don't forget to check out our video series One Look, Three Ways for more on how to make the most of your wardrobe.

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