How Much News Do You Know?

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Question 1: Criminals may find it harder to hide from the law if a new fingerprinting technique proves successful. Researchers have created a gelatin-based tape that will allow investigators to chemically analyze fingerprints. What new information do they believe forensic teams will be able to derive from fingerprints?

A. Gender
B. Race
C. Information about one’s diet
D. All of the above

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Question 2: The batting coach for the minor league baseball team the Tulsa Drillers died unexpectedly Sunday after an injury on the field. What was the cause of the coach’s death?

A. He was struck by lightning
B. He suffered a heat stroke
C. He was hit by a piece of a broken bat
D. He was hit in the head by a line drive

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Question 3: A Judge dropped the rape and molestation charges against a Liberian native Tuesday citing that after three years the man had been denied his right to a speedy trial. What delayed the trial?

A. The court fail to appoint the man a public defender
B. The court was unable to secure an interpreter
C. The evidence was misplaced
D. The case was inadvertently never placed on a docket

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Question 4: NFL star Michael Vick was told Monday not to report to the Altanta Falcons’ training camp until the league can review the charges against him. What charges has Vick been indicted on?

A. Steroid use
B. Drug possession
C. Assault and battery
D. Dog fighting

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Question 5: A new study shows that drinking one soda per day, diet or regular, may be more hazardous to your health than previously thought. The study shows that soda doubles one’s risk of metabolic syndrome, which increases one’s probability of developing what disease?

A. Heart disease
B. Diabetes
C. Thyroid cancer
D. Leukemia

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Question 6: A federal lawsuit has been filed against the social network Facebook alleging that founder Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea for his website. The founders of what social network are suing Facebook?

A. e-Harmony
B. MySpace
D. Connect-U

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Question 7: Millions of Harry Potter fans were in for a shock as they sat down to read the final installment of the popular book series “Deathly Hallows.” What about J.K. Rowling’s new book stunned readers?

A. Harry Potter dies in the first chapter
B. The last chapter reveals that it is in fact not the last novel in the series
C. Some of the newly released books were autographed by J.K. Rowling
D. Some of the newly released books were missing pages

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Question 8: Tammy Faye Messner, 65, known for building an evangelism empire marked by scandal died Friday. What did Messner die of?

A. Colon cancer
B. Breast cancer
C. Heart disease
D. Brain aneurysm

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Question 9: A survey by released Wednesday reported that on average U.S. employees waste approximately two hours of an 8.5-hour workday. Which of the following is not listed as a top time-waster by the survey?

A. Playing computer solitaire
B. Socializing with co-workers
C. Browsing the web
D. Personal business

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Question 10: Nicholas Negroponte came close to his goal of producing a $100 dollar laptop. The MIT legend’s XO laptop carries a $175 price tag. Why did Negroponte want to build a low cost laptop?

A. So computers could be sent to schools in developing countries
B. So low-income school districts could afford computers
C. So parents could introduce their children to computers at a young age
D. To win a bet against one of his peers at MIT

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BONUS Question: “The Simpsons Movie” hits theaters Friday, but before it does series creator Matt Groening went on record about Marge Simpson’s hair. What inspired Marge’s iconic blue hair?

A. Groening’s mother’s hair during the 1960’s
B. Cotton candy
C. “The Bride of Frankenstein”
D. Both A and C

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