Is Michael Jackson Courting Trouble Again?

Michael Jackson | 'SNL' Stars Are Safe | Lindsay Lohan

Jacko: Courting Trouble Again?

Michael Jackson may be courting trouble again.
The former pop star was supposed to be in Los Angeles last week for depositions in a lawsuit brought by his former manager, Dieter Wiesner.
But while his lawyer told the court in the case that Jackson was in Las Vegas and couldn't make it, the singer was actually in Virginia looking for a new home and doing some sightseeing.
On the day he was supposed to be grilled, Jackson took his kids to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. Talk about bad timing. He must have forgotten that this photo op would conflict with a legal appointment.
Jackson in fact missed two depositions that week. He's also been sued for $29 million by a finance group from California. Transitional Investors helped find Jackson's current loan holder, Fortress Trust, and now they want their fee. Jackson recently settled a case for around $5 million on a similar issue with Darien Dash's Prescient Capital.
And while Jackson's reps say he's looking for a vacation home on the East Coast, it's really a full-time residence that he lacks.
Meanwhile, Jackson's brother Jermaine Jackson told me last week that he's worried about Michael.
"He's not doing so well right now," Jermaine confided. "This isn't a good time."
As this column was the first to report several weeks ago, Jackson — family members fear — has suffered possible liver damage and is being isolated from them by his publicist and his children's nanny.
His addiction to prescription medication may have also returned.
And despite the publicist's "leaks" of info about a Jackson album, insiders tell me that little to no work has been done any new music by the singer.

'SNL' Stars Are Safe for 2007

The stars of "Saturday Night Live" are safe at home for the new season.

That's the word from creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels. The man who's responsible for the longest running hit on any of the major television networks says he won't be letting any of his current cast leave for the 2007-2008 season.

"Everyone's staying," he told me last week. "We might even add a couple of people. I'm going out to L.A. to take a look at some possible adds."

This is good news for the main cast which includes the strongest group of talented women — Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph — since the show's halcyon era of 1975-1980. And of course, the indefatigable and sometimes underrated brilliant Darrell Hammond will be back as well.

This is also in stark contrast to the last couple of years when Michaels did some unexpected pruning and sent a few members of the cast to the showers.

But of course, "SNL" and Michaels are on an upswing, thanks to the success of the spin-off prime-time sitcom "30 Rock." That show just picked up several Emmy nominations and was renewed for another season.

At the same time, "Studio 60 on Sunset Strip" — a show about "SNL" that Michaels didn't like and wasn't authorized by him — went down in flames.

"SNL" will also look for a breakout star this fall. With alum Will Ferrell having blasted off as Jim Carrey's comedy successor in film, the show now looks to Andy Samberg as a possible clean-up hitter who can make the transition from TV to movies.

The atrocious behavior of Lindsay Lohan's parents is just one reason why the 21-year-old actress is in so much trouble now. That's what those who are really close to Lindsay and now fear for her life are telling me.

Between avaricious Michael Lohan's many media appearances Tuesday — which no doubt carried remuneration — and Dina Lohan's absence from her daughter's crisis, we can tell more about what happened to this girl than anything else.

But now my sources — who are impeccable on this matter — are scared for Lindsay.

"Dina didn't fly right out to see her yesterday when she got the news that Lindsay had been arrested again," my source said. "It's unbelievable. And her father's been on TV all day."

In the meantime, Lindsay spent her post-arrest hours with attorney Blair Berk and her assistant.

What happens next? Nothing good, that's for sure. Lohan, my sources conclude, is less likely to withstand a jail stint than Paris Hilton.

"She hates being alone — she can't do it," an observer said.

My sources fear for Lindsay's life, and surmise that, in some way, she is trying to kill herself.

The main difference between Lindsay and Paris: The latter actually has a strong family structure to lean on. Lindsay has nothing — nobody except people she pays.

"She's in some kind of pain that doesn't stop," my source said. "She's done drugs with all kinds of older movie stars, but they can stop when they want. She can't."

The fact is, my source said, Oscar-winners and nominees have guided Lohan down a pretty scary path not realizing that they were older, wiser and more in control than she.

It's hard to differentiate the craziness on TV talk shows — and Larry King, don't ask about his guests last night — from the Lindsay I've known for several years.

On Tuesday, a lot of people asked me: Is her career over? I think it's more important to wonder: Will her life be over?

Someone, somewhere has got to help prevent this girl from doing something tragic.