Lohan's Dad Phones In

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It was one of those shows where entertainment news became THE news as one of Hollywood's most talented young actresses found herself in a whole lot of legal trouble.

Lindsay Lohan, fresh out of rehab, was back in rehab — possibly enroute to jail — after she was found to be driving under the influence with drugs on her body… all on a suspended license! We planned on covering the story with 9-time rehab resident, Daniel Baldwin, but were surprised when Lindsay's dad Michael called into the show. He is away from his daughter, but as a recovering addict was desperate to try and get her attention. Michael did tell us that he blames himself to a degree for he problems and was not too high on the Malibu facility she checked into last time and told is she's at Betty Ford this time.

We covered the '08 race in recounting how Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are finally going at each other in the media. The topics of tension are not as important, but the fact that they are fighting makes this fun! From Sen. Clinton's perspective, I'm not sure what she gains in fighting with a candidate she's up 15 points on in latest polls.

The biggest sports in America have something common: they are all in a crisis. We did not go heavy into Michael Vick and Barry Bonds today, but did have a chance to examine the ramifications of the referee scandal in the NBA. Commissioner Stern confirmed that the NBA did have a corrupt ref, but refused to acknowledge he made calls to effect outcomes of games. Please… why would a guy gamble on his basketball game and not call a foul or two to adjust the final score, like a technical or not call a travel?

I was also fascinated to see that the inventor of the elite steroid that caused the downfall of so many — from Marion Jones to Jason Giambi — say essentially that it's comical that Barry Bonds claims he used it, but didn't know what it was. It's the so-called "clear" liquid and, according to the creator, it actually betters your eye-hand coordination.

Michael Vick gets paid not play for Atlanta and my take from watching the Falcons owner Arthur Blank on Tuesday was he won't play for him again. The problem in this case is that Blank owes him millions and already paid about $40 million and that would go against his salary cap.

It's an ugly time to be a sports fan.

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