Couple Wins the Lottery and Want to Buy Themselves New Knees

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Lotto Gives Lovers Leg Up

What would you do with $4.9 million? That was the question facing Tony and Greta Dodd, two pensioners who won the lottery jackpot. Their answer? Take care of business. According to London’s Daily Mirror, when the creaky couple first learned of their win Tony exclaimed, “The first thing we want is a new pair of knees each.” Tony and Greta have been told that their knees are just plain worn out, and after being on the NHS wait-list for six months, the tattered team is scheduled for private operations. But don’t call this set stogy. The two want to celebrate the win before cashing out, or rather cutting out, “We are going to get really legless first-then get those new pairs of legs."

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Head Strong

Now this is one frightening face lift…Can you imagine living with a three foot long, two foot wide tumor on your face? Huang Chuncai can! And that has been reality for the Chinese man until recently when doctors successfully removed the 33-pound tumor from his head in a hospital in Guangzhou, China. That is one weighty veil! According to FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth, the weight of the tumor bent Huang’s backbone, bringing one ear to his shoulder. A team of 10 doctors and nurses performed the lengthy surgery that will leave Huang in the hospital for the next month.

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Sleeping with the Enemy

This is not your typical game of cat and mouse! A special police unit in Bogota, Columbia has introduced a new form of "animal cruelty." For the past 12 months, Columbia police have been housing rats and cats in cages with one another in order to desensitize the rats to possible predators. Allowing the hunter and the hunted to bunk in together forces the rats to overcome fears of their feline foes, so that the rodents are more focused when put to work. In Columbia rats are used to sniff out and detect landmines. These rodents are trained to freeze in front of the more than 100,000 landmines that liter the conflict ridden country. Due to their small size, rats, unlike dogs, do not trigger explosions. FOX 2 Detroit reports that results have been so successful that the entire venture has been recognized by behavioral psychologists as one of five most innovative projects out there!

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