Washington Boy Impales Himself With Javelin

Kyler Osborne was just trying to get some practice in for the Junior Olympics.

Instead, he ended up accidentally impaling himself with a javelin.

Osborne, 14, was working out on a practice track behind Pacific Lutheran University on what was supposed to be a lucky day — 7-7-07. With his father Gary — a track coach — watching, Kyler was working on his javelin throw.

Kyler threw short and his momentum carried him into the pointed end of the javelin.

Gary Osborne told KIRO-TV, "I'm standing like 10 yards away and I'm looking and I'm going, 'did that just happen?"'

The javelin went through Kyler's side and out his back. He bounced off the javelin and thought he simply bruised his ribs. On the way to the hospital, he realized he was injured.

"It started to kick in. My body just knew it wasn't right," Kyler says.

The spear missed his lungs and a lot of major organs, but did hit his liver. Still, he only needed four stitches to close the wound and should be back on the track in about six weeks.

Kyler says, "only a few people have been hit by javelins. I never expected me to be one of them."