Texas Woman Kills Toddler While Splashing Kids With Car

Denison police have arrested a driver who tried to splash some neighborhood children with her car, but killed a toddler when the vehicle hydroplaned.

Terri Elaine Perdew, 47, lost control of her car as she attempted to splash a group of children playing in some water near an intersection. The victim, 14-month-old Zachary Duncan, was sitting on a curb with his mother. The boy died after the accident. His mother was treated for minor injuries.

Denison police charged Perdew with manslaughter.

Lieutenant Mike Eppler said Perdew told police she had splashed the children the first time she drove by, and was trying to do it a second time upon returning.

Eppler said either Perdew thought splashing the children was funny or they had asked her to do it.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.