San Francisco Taxi Driver Seeks to Have Number '666' Retired From Cab

A San Francisco taxi driver whose cab bears the number 666 is seeking to have it retired because of the evil, Satanic associations with the number.

Driver Michael Byrne, a 30-year veteran, was assigned the number last August and has since convinced Assistant San Francisco Taxi Commission Executive Director Jordanna Thigpen to consider his cause with a two-page memo to the board.

"Do I believe in the Mark of the Beast myself?'' Thigpen said in an interview. "No. But there is a lot of negative energy around that cab. If we can help somebody out, why not do it? If something's a nuisance, it's our duty to get rid of it, right?''

Byrne has reportedly had at least one accident since being assigned the number, despite a blessing of the vehicle at Mission Dolores.

The Taxi Commission is set to make a decision on the number Tuesday evening.

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