Power to the People

One of the great things about America is that most of us understand right from wrong. The secular-progressives are trying to blur that, but they're losing.

Last week, we reported on jetBlue sponsoring a conference by the far left hate site The DailyKos. And so many of you protested to the airline, that they dropped their name from the website.

People like Carol Grover from Maine and California's Michael Francek told jetBlue that doing business with people who traffic in hate filled diatribes is unacceptable.

So the folks win again. — Just like the Pepsi/Ludacris situation a few years ago when the vile rapper was canned after a public outrage.

U.S. corporations have an obligation not to reward bad behavior. And sometimes consumers have to remind them of that obligation.

By the way, the latest from the Kos Web site has a posting calling for the violent overthrow of the government. Great.

In other media, stuff is going on as well. NBC News is taking a pounding because ethical standards over there have collapsed. News consumers have left in droves. Last Thursday, for example, CNBC averaged 176,000 viewers for the 24 hour period. MSNBC: 215,000. Those numbers are atrocious, embarrassing. Add to that the problems Brian Williams is having, and a have a full throated debacle.

It's stunning GE, the parent company of NBC, does nothing. But it's great for FOX News, CNN, and ABC News.

By the way, with the debut of the FOX News Business Channel in October, you can wave goodbye to CNBC in my humble opinion.

Now one of the few areas in which the folks have not demonstrated their power is energy. After months of me pounding the oil companies for cutting back on refining oil into gas — therefore inflating gasoline prices — the oil companies are finally admitting it. Of course, they're making the usual excuses, but the bottom line is Americans are not cutting back on energy consumption. So big oil feels it's immune to public pressure. That is our fault.

But most of the time, the folks do the right thing and demonstrate the power of the people. Clear thinking Americans respond and punish the bad guys when issues are vividly defined. Thank God.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

Every Monday we spotlight dishonest newspaper writers across the country. Today Laurence Cohen of The Hartford Courant leads the list, critiquing my speech to the newspaper columnists' group in Philadelphia, Cohen writes, "Once O'Reilly was done telling the assembled columnists that most of them hated America because they worked for America-hating, left wing publications ."

Well, it's a flat out lie. I said nothing even close to that. Cohen is a disgrace.

Out in Salt Lake, Corey Hodges of the Tribune made the dishonest list last week for saying I blamed two women who were murdered for their demise. Another flat out lie. Now Hodges writes: "If O'Reilly's intent was not to blame the dead mothers, this was not made clear." Only if you don't watch the program, sir. I said it three times.

Ridiculous? Of course. Surprising? Not at all. The print press in America has just about collapsed. And finally tonight the mail, before we get to the letters, we may started using some video statements, that is you e-mail us video of your comments and questions. Send them to oreilly@ureport.foxnews.com.

Email us your little deal. If we like it, we will use it and if you missed the address, go to billoreilly.com. We have it there.

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