Kim Jong-Il's Favorite Magician Injured in Risky Trick

A death-defying magic trick performed by Japanese magician Princess Tenko did surprise the crowd as expected — but not because of its success.

Tenko was seriously injured when a barrage of 10 fake swords pummeled her inside of a box while she was performing a trick known as "the spike illusion in the face of death." She was supposed to escape the box just before the swords struck through.

Tenko is well known for being a favorite of North Korea's Kim Jong-Il and for her popularity in North America.

Although the failed trick cost her a broken right cheek and multiple broken ribs on the right side of her body, she continued performing for 30 minutes before the show had to be called off.

"She is suffering tremendous pain but is more shocked that she had to call off performances," her manager Noboru Ochiai said after the show in the central Japanese city of Sabae on Sunday. He added that if the sword had been one centimeter higher, it would have stabbed her in the right eye.

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